• 22 Sep 2022
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The Community allows the star and fans to communicate, and enables fans to communicate freely with each other.

Use the Community feature to increase inflow of potential customers and grow your fandom community!"

Both stars and fans can use images, videos, and tags to create posts, and they can communicate by leaving replies or emoticons to posts written by others.

▶Open the Community

MY STAGE > Community > Set the Community button to ON > Click [Create Board].

▶Dashboard: The very first board that was created on Board Management will become the main board. The main board will be shown at the top of the Community home.

▶Board Management:

Click [+Add] to create up to 20 boards, including boards that are not displayed.

Boards will be displayed in the set order on the service page.

  • Board Name:
    • Click [+Add] to create a pop-up window where you can set the board type. You can select the following types of boards:
      • Basic Board: Fans are allowed to add posts with titles.
      • Simplified Board: Fans can create posts without titles.
    • The new board will be added to the bottom left.
    • Click [Enter Board Name] and enter the desired board name.
    • If you need multilingual support, enter the English board name as well.
    • Board names can be up to 30 characters.
    • If you need to edit the board name, click the pencil icon to edit.
  • Default View:
    • Please select the default view type that fans will see when entering the board.
    • The recommended view types are indicated according to the board type you select.
    • The following view types are currently provided:
      • List type: A view type that provides the title or first part of a text in a list form.
      • Card type: A view type in the form of a card that allows fans to view titles, content, and images (thumnails) at once.
    • Fans are allowed to select the view type on their own (ex. From List type to Card type).
  • Permission Settings:
    • If you do not set the permission settings, the board will be displayed to all fans.
    • If you only want the board to be accessible to fans with a membership, please click the checkbox for [Only allow fans with a membership to access the board and view posts].
    • However, if the SHOP is not open yet, you will not be able to use permission settings.
    • How to open a SHOP
    • Set up membership
  • Display:
    • Use the [Display] or [Do not display] button to the left of the board to choose your display settings.
    • If you change the board to [Do not display], it will be shown in ascending order in the undisplayed board area.
  • Deleting a Board:
    • You may only delete boards with no posts, including hidden posts, regardless of its [Display] or [Do not display] status.
    • If there is at least 1 post, you cannot delete the board.
  • Saving:
    • Once the board settings are complete, click [Save] at the top right to add the board to the service page.
    • If anything is added or revised on the board, a NEW badge will appear.
    •  Standard for NEW badge: If there are any posts written within the past 3 days


  • Writing Posts
    • Only users who signed up as a member can write posts.
    • General, Star, and Admin accounts can use the [Write] button to write a post."
    • Each post may include up to 2,000 characters of text along with 10 photos or 1 video.
      • The maximum file size for photos is 10MB. Acceptable file formats are JPG, GIF, and PNG.
      • The maximum file size for videos is 20MB. Acceptable file formats are MP4 and MOV.
    • Use a hashtag (#) when writing text to register the text as a hashtag. If you click on a hashtag, you can see all content and posts with that tag.
  • Pinning Posts to the Top
    • You may pin up to 5 posts to the top. Only [Admin] accounts can pin posts.
    • You may pin posts by following the steps below.
      • 1. Sign up on the website
      • 2. Admin Page > Customer > Member > Click e-mail address > Change to Admin role
      • 3. Click [:] to the right of the post > Pin to top

    • To unpin a post, click the [:] to the right of the pinned post, and use the [Unpin] button.
  • Blinding Posts
    • If there is a post/reply that must be blinded, click the [:] to the right of the post and use the [Blind] button.
    • Once the post is blinded, [This post is blinded] will be displayed.
    • To unblind a post, click the [:] to the right of the blinded post, and use the [Unblind] button.
  • Hiding Posts
    • If there is a post/reply that must be hidden, click the [:] to the right of the post and use the [Hide] button.
    • Once the post is hidden, the Admin can see it as [This post is hidden]. Hidden posts and replies will not be displayed on the website.
    • To unhide a post, click the [:] to the right of the hidden post, and use the [Unhide] button.

▶Manage Reported Posts

  • You may see reported replies/posts from the Admin Page > Customers > [View reported posts].
  • When the Admin hides a post, all replies to that post will also be hidden from fans.
    • Displayed: Replies/posts that received less than 10 reports
    •  Blinded: Automatically blinded after receiving 10 or more reports or blinded by the Admin manually after seeing the reported post
    • Hidden: Hidden by the Admin manually after seeing the reported post
  • The poster can be identified through their nickname or e-mail address. A memo icon will appear to the right of the nickname when writing a memo. Hover over the icon with your mouse to see the memo.

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