• 21 Apr 2022
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You can create various forms of sponsorship products!

Sponsorship Management List

  •  You can review the list of registered sponsorship products. 
    • You can inspect each sponsorship product on registration complete and temporary save tabs. 
  • You can adjust the filter conditions to search for the sponsorship product you need to review by clicking search conditions (Product ID Search, Select Product Type, and Select on sale/displayed status) on the righthand side. 
  • You can view the sponsorship products currently displayed on the website by clicking on [View sponsorship products displayed on the service] on the upper righthand side. 
    • If you make the sponsorship function disabled, all sponsorship products will be hidden from view. 
  • When you hover the mouse cursor on Product ID, the [Go to Service Page in a New Window] button will be created. Upon clicking, you will be redirected to the link to the sponsorship product page shown on the website. 
  • You can confirm the name of the sponsorship products, sponsorship price, display status, date last modified, and sale quantity. By clicking the name of the sponsorship product that you need to review, you can see the detailed information of the selected sponsorship product. 

Add a sponsorship product

  •  Please click on [Add] button on the upper righthand side to add a sponsorship product.  
  • You can select between two types, [recurring sponsorship] and [general sponsorship].
    • General Sponsorship: This product allows one-time sponsorship of a specified amount, and each customer can purchase the same product multiple times. 
    • Recurring Sponsorship: The same amount will be sponsored every month. For recurring sponsorships, the same product may not be purchased more than once. 
  • Sponsorship does not entail permission on viewing content and purchasing products. Contents Viewing Permission may be added through digital vouchers. 

▶ Basic Information on Sponsorships 

  • Sponsorship Name is a required field. 
    • If you wish to register multiple languages additionally, please click the pencil icon, which is the "Edit" button, then enter the multi-language options. 
  • Sponsorship Price is a required field. 
    • For intangible products, the rules of taxation and type of taxes imposed may differ depending on the policy of the country or region of the business' domicile. 
    • We recommend you set the sales price after determining whether the product is taxed or exempted after the consultation of a taxation expert. 
    • A discount may not be applied on sponsorship products, and a fixed price for each currency must be entered manually. The amount may not be changed after registration. 
    • You can enter up to the whole number for KRW, and up to the second decimal place for USD. 

▶ Registering Sponsorship Information

  •  Please enter a brief description of the sponsorship product in a one-line introduction.
    • Please enter information that you wish to deliver to customers who want to purchase this sponsorship product. 
    • If you wish to register multiple languages additionally, please click the pencil icon, which is the "Edit" button, then enter the multi-language options. 
  • b.stage's voucher policy that are generally imposed are as follows. The customers can also see this policy. 
    • If 7 days have passed since the sponsorship payment, your purchase will be confirmed and you will no longer be able to cancel it. 
    • If you cancel your recurring sponsorship payment, it will be terminated on the next payment date, and your sponsorship will be effective until then. 

▶ Sponsorship Display Settings

  •  If the option to [immediately display on the Service] is activated, the sponsorship product is displayed on the service, and the option to [not display on the service.] is activate, the subscription is not displayed. 
  • You can only turn ON or OFF the display of sponsorship products and you can have up to 10 sponsorship product displayed at a time. 

▶ Additional Sponsorship Settings 

  •  You can set the points automatically issued when the purchase gets confirmed. 
  • If the base earnings rate is selected, 1% of points will be added. 
    • If a manual earnings rate is selected, you can directly enter the earnings rate that you want up to the first decimal place. 
  • The appreciation greetings function is planned to be available at a later date. 
    • Currently, like the preview screens, the appreciation greetings are conveyed to the sponsoring customer through the payment completion page.

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