Membership (Create Membership)
  • 25 Aug 2022
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Membership (Create Membership)

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Use memberships to plan various methods to communicate with your fans in your own creative ways.   

Start Membership           

Tap [Go to begin membership] button or click SETTINGS > Shopping Settings > Membership to easily generate membership.

▶ Functions available as membership benefits    

  • Exclusive Membership Content      
    • You can make all or a portions of content, such as videos, posts, and surveys, visible only to membership subscribers.      
  • Exclusive Star Posts for Membership Subscribers      
    • You can make star posts and surveys (in preparation of service at present) visible only to membership subscribers.
  • Purchase exclusive membership type products (In preparation of service at present).              
    •  You can set specific products available for purchase only to membership subscribers.
  • We are planning to expand membership benefits.

▶ Go to Start Membership

  • Membership Type
    • b.stage provides two membership options. 
    • Please select a type of membership that you wish to operate, and bring a whole new experience to your fans!
  • General membership
    • This membership type allows you to recruit and manage members with general, monthly memberships. (Ex: The March_2022 membership can only be used for one month in March 2022)
    • If you wish to provide general memberships every month, please select general memberships.
    • After selecting general membership type, click [Apply].
  • Seasonal Membership            
    • It is a membership that recruits and manages membership subscribers for a specified period of time. (ex: 1st round/ 2nd round/ 3rd round, etc. activated only from Jan. 1 to Dec.31, 2022)
    • If you wish to deliver varying benefits for different seasons, please select seasonal membership.
    • After selecting seasonal membership type, click [Apply].
  • Check Membership Samples            
    • If you create membership, a membership sample will be generated in the bb.stage SHOP > Membership Menu in a temporary saving state.
    • Please refer to the sample and modify it to reflect the membership you want to create.     

▶  Add Membership            

  • Please click on [Add] button in the upper right corner of SHOP > Membership screen

▶ Basic Membership Settings

  • Membership Name (Required)
    • For initial appeal and recollection, it is recommended that you pick a simple and easy-to-remember name for membership. It is preferable to select a name that is associated with your brand.     
    •  If you are offering seasonal memberships, please use a name that distinguishes the relevant season. (ex, 2022 Yearly Membership)
  • Membership Thumbnail(Required)         
    • Thumbnail assists you in creating a brand for your memberships and attracting the attention of customers.
    • The recommended size for a thumbnail image is 400*400 px (1:1 aspect ratio), and supported formats are JPG, PNG and GIF. You can upload a thumbnail image up to 5MB.
  • Season Settings (Required)
    1. Display Period: The time frame in which a membership product is displayed.
      • You can also separately set the selling period for the product.
    2. Selling Period: The time frame in which members can purchase a membership product.
      • You can specify separate selling/display periods to pre-announce sales or notify customers of a sale's termination.
    3. Usage Period
      • Aside from the time frame for which your membership can be sold, the usage period refers to the time frame during which customers can 'validly' utilize the membership after purchase.
      • You can use the usage period to choose a year or a specific season.
      • After a purchase, the usage period cannot be changed.
  • Detailed Description (Required)
    • A membership screen is set up within the service to assist customers compare different benefits.
    • If the detailed description is too long, the full version will not be displayed. Thus, it is advised to compose the opening line to underscore your main points.
    • If you need to have multilingual settings, you can click the corresponding language's tab and enter them one at a time.

▶ Membership Rank Settings

  • We provide a template for membership ranks as an example. You can modify the template to suit your needs.             
    •  You can create a single membership tier or provide several ranks to be sold at different prices.
  • Token/NFT Verification: For Token/NFT Verification: Allows fans to gain membership permissions through token/NFT verification.
    • Notes:If you need to generate NFT/Token verification memberships, please go to [SETTINGS > Sign Up Fields > Easy Sign-in Settings > [Add]] and click the Wallet you would like to add. MetaMask, Kaikas, Klutch or Klip must be registered in the easy sign-in settings in order to allow fans to gain membership permissions through token/NFT verification.
    • In order to use the token/NFT verification feature, you must set up [Token/NFT Settings] based on the membership level.
    • Click the pencil icon and enter verification method, network, contract address, and minimum quantity (up to 26 characters excluding decimal point) based on the membership level.
    • If the contract address is invalid, an error message will appear. 
    • Please make sure to enter the address correctly Once all settings are completed, the verification/payment method may not be modified. 
    • Please make sure to enter all the information accurately.
    • However, you can modify the network type, contract address, and minimum quantity later.
    • Since there are no payments for token/NFT verification, you have no points to  earn with it.
    • If you increase the token quantity of membership that was open in the past, the membership permissions of existing members will be canceled, which may cause a claim.
  • Rank Name (Required)
    • We recommend you create a rank name that is relevant to your membership name and as brief as possible. (ex: GOLD, SILVER ...)
    • Please be advised that some creators may utilize this rank name to establish a nickname for membership subscribers.    
  • Final Selling Price (Required)
    • The rank prices should be set by taking into account the time and energy involved in the benefits.
    • If you introduce more than two ranks, please ensure that their benefits differ in a sensible way.
    • Click Final Sell Price (Required) to enter as the discounted price.   
  • Benefits by different ranks (More than one is required)
    • To allow your members to check the rank of a relevant membership, you can either simply add text or offer it along with the selected benefits.                     
  • Please succinctly describe each rank associated benefits, as the descriptions on ranks will assist non-subscribers in deciding whether or not to join the membership.
    • When selecting benefits, please be cautious not to include benefits that will place a major burden on the operation. If certain benefits are removed after sales or existing benefits are modified, they may be subject to claims.  
    • The ★ mark indicates a function that is supported by the current system. If you add benefits with the ★ mark, you can allow membership subscribers to view exclusive star posts without having to take any additional steps.
    •  If entering directly: click [Add Benefits], then select [Enter Benefits Directly].                       
  • If multilingual settings are needed, you can enter the corresponding language's items respectively.
    • If adding a benefit from an existing list: click [Add Benefits], then click and select the appropriate functions to be offered as benefits for respective ranks of the membership.   
    • You can modify the name of the selected benefit. You can edit the benefit's details by moving the cursor to the right side of the benefit name and clicking the pencil icon.
    • Click the six dot icon on the right side to modify the order of benefits from top to bottom.              

  • Add Detailed Description on Ranks (optional)
    • If there are multiple ranks, you can include a full description for each rank. You can add detailed descriptions to the ranks by clicking [Add Detailed Description on Ranks (optional)].         
  • Service Display
    • If you check [Display on the Service], the set rank and associated benefits are displayed in the product details page.                
  • Delete Rank
    • If you do not wish to use the rank registered as the sample or add another rank, click [Delete Rank] to remove the rank.            


▶ Additional Settings            

  • Precautions        
    • If there is no history of membership use, you may cancel the purchase within 7 days after the membership's start date.            
  • Purchase Restrictions
    • You may not repurchase the same membership product that you previously purchased using a voucher while it is still valid.
    • Click [Restrict members who can purchase] and [Select membership] to set it so that only fans who purchased a registered membership can make purchases.

      (Ex: Allowing fans who purchased the summer season membership to purchase the winter season membership.)

  •  URL Settings  
    • A URL is generated upon completing your registration.                 
  •  Points
    • You can set the points automatically issued when the purchase gets confirmed.
      1. Basic Earning Rate: [Basic Earning Rate], a point that you set when you first generate points.
      2. Manual Earning Rate: You can enter points directly for the purchase of the applicable membership.
      3. No Earnings: If you click [No Earnings], no point will be gained when purchasing the relevant membership.     

▶  Open Membership            

  • When you have finished configuring all membership products, please click [Open Membership] in the upper right corner.            
  • After you have confirmed the previously entered schedules, benefits for various ranks, and other items in the Preview item, you can finally click [Register] to register membership..             


▶ Promote Membership          

  • After forming a membership, we propose attracting new members by posting it on a notice or event bulletin board, or displaying it in the form of a banner.           
  • If you hover your mouse over the generated membership in the membership list, you can get to its product page by clicking [[New Window] Go to the Service Screen].

    In addition, if you click [Copy URL], the URL of the relevant membership’s product page is instantly copied.

  • You can attract new members by linking to a banner or a notice using the URL.            

▶ Manage Membership             

  • The two memberships displayed at the top of the membership menu are only the two most recently generated memberships. 
    • You can check the selling prices by ranks, number of sales, usage period and other progress of the membership.                      
  • If you click [View All Memberships] on the upper right corner, you can see all the memberships created.
    • Too many memberships on display may distract customers from selecting one, so please limit the number of memberships on display/for sale to three.
    • You can also use the 'Rank' option to differentiate the benefits of your consumers.   


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