Contents(Add paid content)
  • 02 May 2022
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Contents(Add paid content)

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You can register original content and make it available to membership subscribers or sell it for a profit.

Sale of paid contents

  •  You can register both free and paid content on posts and video uploads (VOD). 
  •  Paid content can be offered by registering vouchers upon registering the content, or it can be tied to membership and shared only with members.

Add paid content 

  • In order to add paid content, first please add a digital voucher from PRODUCTS > Digital voucher menu.
  • If you register paid content when uploading a video or creating a post from Content > Add, please use [Upload Video] or [Paid Post] below the paid content.
  • If you choose to go for paid content, please connect the voucher on the top.
    • If only a voucher is generated, [Connect a digital voucher (Required)] will be displayed; if only a membership is generated, [Connect membership (Required)] will be displayed.
    • If both a voucher and a membership are registered, [Connect Membership/Digital Voucher (Required)] will be displayed.
    • If no voucher has been registered previously, [digital voucher settings] will appear. To add paid content, first please add a digital voucher from the SHOP > digital voucher menu. 

▶Connect a voucher to a paid content

  • You can adjust settings of previously added digital vouchers by clicking [connect a digital voucher (Required)].
  • If you don't see a voucher that you want to connect, click [add a new voucher (New window)], then you will be redirected to the creation screen for a new voucher. 
  • If you click [connect a voucher], you can connect the voucher.
    • A voucher may be searched with [Product ID] and [Product Type]. 
  • if you select [connect membership], you can link the membership.
    • Membership can be selected by different ranks
  • You can only connect to either membership or a voucher. As customers may not be able to purchase products depending on the selling/display status. Please verify the product status before proceeding.
  • Only the customers who have purchased the selected voucher can access the content. 
  • Once you select a voucher that you wish to connect to the content, the voucher will be displayed to the right as similar to the screen display shown to the customers. Finally, review the details of the voucher. 
    • Once the selection is complete, please click [Save] on the upper righthand side corner. 
  • When you click on the [See more] button in add content screen, the selected voucher will display on [Viewing Permission Settings] once the voucher registration is complete. 
  • Please register the contents by clicking [Register] as a final step. 

▶Be aware when registering paid content

 When a voucher is disconnected, existing customers may not be able to see this content, and the inability to access may be the subject of customer claims. 

  • If the display status of content with specified viewing permission is changed to "not displayed', the customers who previously held the permission may not be able to view the content, and the inability to access may be the subject of the customer claims.
  • If the SHOP is private, the customers may not purchase a voucher. 
    • Please change the publishing status of the SHOP to public from [SETTING > Shopping Settings].  

▶User Tip for paid content vouchers

  •  When using a voucher on paid content, you can use it by the following methods. 
  • If the content is to be sold immediately, select the voucher currently [on display] and [on sale].
  • If you are creating content that is "coming soon," the contents may be connected to a voucher [on display] and [selling soon]. Also, please add a URL for free-content associated with the paid content, such as a trailer, on the detailed description of the content.

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