I would like to know how to open a business
  • 04 Jan 2022
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I would like to know how to open a business

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[Republic of Korea corporation]

There can be two ways to register as a business.
One is visiting the tax office by yourself, and the other is registering online.

▶ Preparing Required Documents
You need the following documents to register a telemarketing business. (hometax)

  1. Business License Application: You may download it from National Tax Service website, and you may get a physical form at each tax office.
  2. Copy of lease agreement: Required only if you have rented your workspace.
  3. If leading a business that requires a special permit, etc., the copy of the permit (registration,report) certificate
  4. Statement of the funding source: Required for certain businesses , including retail and wholesale of gold and ingot gold, liquid and gas fuel, collection and sale recycling materials, and taxed entertainment venue
  5. Contract of Joint Business: If the business is a joint venture

▶Registering at a tax office
Please visit the nearest tax office with the identification of the representative of a business (a driver's license or Resident Registration card and the document specified in section 1.
Enter the civil service office, then you may register through the guidance of a public servant.

▶ Register Online

  1. Please log in at the Hometax website.
  2. Please click on the menu Apply/Submit > Business License Application (Individual).
  3. Upload all the required documents for your business license application.
  4. When submitting the application is complete, a business license will be issued within threebusiness days.

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