I would like to know how to register a telemarketing business.
  • 04 Jan 2022
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I would like to know how to register a telemarketing business.

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[Republic of Korea corporation]

There are two ways on how to register a telemarketing business.
One isdropping bya local administration office or tax office , and the other is to apply online.

▶ Preparing Required Documents
You need the following documents to register a telemarketing business.

  1. Registration Application for a telemarketing business: You can find a form at a local administration office.
  • Hosting Server location is provided below. : 12F, GS Tower, 508, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu,Seoul
  1. Business License
  2. Identification for the representative
  3. Certification of using escrow services
  4. (For Corporation) Registrar's Records, Corporation's Seal, Certificate of Corporation's Seal Additional

▶ Certification for utilizing Escrow Services
Escrow Services Certificate may be obtained at the primary bank for the corporation. Location to be issued the certificate is provided in the following.
Please ensure that the address on the escrow services certificate and the address on the business license as it is generally a requirement.

  • KB Kukmin Bank: Seller > Seller Certification Markings(Register Certification Markings) > Seller Certification Markings(Escrow Services)
  • Industrial Bank of Korea: Transfer > Subscription for Services > Escrow Transfer Service Utilization Certificate Issuance
  • Nonghyup: NHSubscribe for Escrow Services > Register Certification Markings > Escrow Services Issue a Utilization Certificate
  • Korea Post: Savings Account > Subscribe Escrow Services > MyEscrow > Issue Escrow Service Certificate

▶Register at the Tax Office
Visit the nearest tax office with the identification of the representative of the business (a driver's license orResident Registration Card and the required documents as specified in the section 1.
Enter the civil service office, then you may register through the guidance of a public servant.

▶ Register Online

  1. Vist Government24 website.
  2. Click Apply and proceed with log-in.
  3. Provide all the supporting documents.
  4. Fill in every field required then, Click on Apply for the request.
  5. After 3business days you can review the processing result fromapplication history > Online request received.
  6. When an application is complete a text informing you of your application will be sent to your cellphone registered in the system. Please visit the designated location to receive it.
    The license registration fees are KRW 40,500 for 'Dong's, and KRW 12,000 for 'Eup's and 'Myeon's.

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