Where can I review the comment that I received report of?
  • 03 Jan 2022
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Where can I review the comment that I received report of?

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You may manage the reported comments through [SPACE > Reported Comments].   

Users may report the comments posted by other users. Reported comments can be managed.  If a reported comment does not contain inappropriate information, you may change the status to [Display].  

If you need to immediately hide the comments that have been reported, you may change the status to [Blind] or [Hide].   

▶Comment Status   

* Comments that received 10 reports or more will be automatically blinded by the system.  

- For comments that have been [Blinded], "This comment has been blinded according to the operational policy" will appear to the general users.  

* [Hidden] comments are not shown in the service at all.  

- In addition, the replies to the [Hidden] comments are removed from the list as well and users will not be able to see them.  

The reported comments list  

* The reported comments are classified into [Public (Unprocessed)], [Blinded], and [Hidden] tabs based on their current status.  

* You can also review if the reported comments are comments, or the replies to the comments by selecting [Comments], and [Replies]under the lower section of each tab.  

- [Replies] mean the replies to the comments.  

* To search for the e-mail address of members, you can take advantage of the filter function on the right side.   

Managing reported comments 

* To verify the comment in more detail, you can click on the comment from the list to confirm the report history for the selected comment.  

- By clicking [View Comments], you can navigate to the contents and comments that the selected comment is located.  

* To modify the settings on its display, check on the status you wish to change to,then click on [Apply].

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