New Orders (Shipment target)
  • 11 Aug 2022
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New Orders (Shipment target)

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You can see the products that need to be released from ORDERS > Physical Product Orders > New Order (For Release) Management.

▶ New Order (For Release) Management

You can manage the products that need to be shipped for orders that appear as "Preparing Product" after the customer makes their purchase.

  • Click the [Domestic] or [International] tab at the top right to see new domestic or international orders.
    • Click the [Before Release] or [Failed to Release] buttons to view new orders that correspond to each status. You can search the order number or product information to view new orders.
  • You can search the order number, product ID, or SKU of the product you want to release, and you can designate the date based on the order creation date.
  • If you enter a specific member's e-mail address, it will show only that member's orders.
  • If you wish to search by shipping option, click the [Select+] button for the shipping option (warehouse address/shipping policy) on the right to select the shipping option according to a specific warehouse or shipping policy, and separate the orders.
    • Before Release: Orders that are not yet preparing to release. Canceled orders are excluded.
    • Failed to Release: Orders that failed while preparing to release (create shipping information). Canceled orders are excluded.
  • Click the order number to see details including the payment information, shipping information, claim information, history, etc. Click the e-mail address to go to the page that shows the member's details.
  • Hover over the icon that appears to the right of the member's e-mail address to see the shipping message that was written by the member upon making their payment.

Ready-to-ship processing

If you prepare for shipment, after processing, it is exposed to the customer as 'Product in preparation', and it is changed so that the customer cannot directly cancel it. Before proceeding with shipment preparation, check the total quantity and stock status of each option before proceeding.

  • For multiple ready-to-ship processing
    •   After searching the list for items that need to be processed for shipment preparation, you can process the searched orders in batches.
    •   Check the left checkbox for orders that require shipment from the list, or select all items to process all searched shipments and click the [Prepare for shipment] button.


  •  If preparing to release single orders                    
    • Click the order number of the new order that needs to be released, and check the details of the new order.                                
    • Click the [Prepare to Release] button below the package courier's name from the detailed history of new orders.                                 
    • Double-check the detailed history and click the [Prepare to Release] button.

  • Once the order is released, the order will be moved to ORDERS > Physical Product Orders > Shipping Management, and the shipping status/claim status will change to [Preparing to Release].
  • If the order fails to release, it will be moved to the Failed to Release tab at the top. An order may fail to release in the following cases.
    • If release is not possible, please check the order status and release the order. Canceled orders cannot be released.
    • If the address is incorrect, the order cannot be released. Please check the address of the recipient with the customer, then release the order.
    • If there is no release name in the registered product information, the order cannot be released. After entering the release name in the product information, please release the order again.
  • If the fulfillment could not be created during the process of preparing to release, the order may be processed as Failed to Release. Please double-check the total quantity and inventory of each option.

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