Shipping Management
  • 25 Aug 2022
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Shipping Management

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You may search and filter domestic and international product orders by period, status, or by entering a search term from ORDERS > Physical Product Orders > Shipping Management.

▶ Shipping Management

Check Shipping Management

  • Click the [Domestic] or [International] tab at the top right to see new domestic or international orders.
  • Click the [Preparing to Release], [Shipping], [Failed to Ship], or [Delivered] button to check the corresponding order. You may also search the shipping number or product information to check the shipping order history.
    • Shipping: Includes "Preparing to ship / Started shipping / Out for delivery" based on the courier's shipping status
    • Failed to Ship: View orders that could not be delivered by the distributor. Please re-ship or cancel the order.
  • You may search the shipping number, order number, invoice number, or product ID for the order you wish to ship. You may also designate the date based on the order creation date.
  • You may filter shipments based on whether it is a shipment for a regular order or a shipment for exchange collection/shipping-related claim from the regular/claim category.
  • If you wish to search by shipping option, click the [Select+] button for the shipping option (warehouse address/shipping policy) on the right to select the shipping option according to a specific warehouse or shipping policy, and separate the orders.

[Mark as Shipped]

1. Enter package courier and invoice number

  • A [Shipping Number] will be generated for orders that completed the [Preparing to Release] status.
    •  The shipping number is a unique number that is sent to the shipping company when the order is released. Multiple shipping numbers may be generated for a single order number.
    • Hover over the icon that appears to the right of the shipping number to see the shipping message that was written by the member upon making their payment.
  • Search by conditions and click on the [Shipping Number] that appears in green for orders that need to be marked as shipped.
  • After checking the shipping information, you may register the package courier and invoice number.
  • Click [Select Package Courier] and select the company that will deliver the order.
  • Please register the shipping company's invoice number in the [Invoice Number] field. If you enter the invoice number in a format that differs from what was provided by the shipping company, you will not be able to enter the number. Please enter the number correctly.
  • Click [Register Invoice] after entering the package courier and invoice number, and the order will be marked as shipped.
  • You cannot revise the shipping address once the invoice is entered.
  • You can register invoices in bulk by selecting [Upload invoices].
    • Please download the sample file, enter all the contents of the sheet, and upload it.
    • File extensions can only be [xlsx]. It is impossible to process files in a differnt form compare to the sample.
    • You can insert up to 1000 lines of data. If the number of registration exceeds 1000, please utilize the separate file.
    • The file name can be saved arbitrarily.
    • Please register a file that does not have a password set.

2. Edit Package Courier and Invoice Number

  • After entering the package courier and invoice number, you can click the [pencil] icon to edit or click the [trash can] icon to delete it.
  • You can only edit and delete invoices when the logistics company's shipping status is [Preparing to Release], [Preparing to Ship], [Released], or [Shipping].
  • You cannot edit or delete the invoice when the order has been delivered.
  • You can see the shipping status change history from invoice deletions and invoice registrations from the history in the order details.

3. View Shipment Details

Click the [View Shipment Details] from the order details to track the shipment's current location.

4. Failed to Ship

Even if shipping failed, it will still appear as "Shipping" for the customer.

Go to the order details and click Other Claims > Reship or notify the customer of the situation and cancel the order.

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