Admin Account
  • 21 Apr 2022
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Admin Account

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You can invite and manage the administration and operators responsible for operating b.stage.

Inviting administrators

  • Click the "Invite" button and enter the email address of the administrator you are inviting.
    • The authority to change the settingss is given to administrators only.
    • After you select the role, click the "Invite" button. An invitation email will be sent to administrator’s email address.
  • The user who accepts the invitation will be shown in Last Active. 
    • You can also resend the invitation to the email that did not respond to the invite. To do this, please select the corresponding administrator in the list and click "Resend invitation email."
  • The number of administrators you can invite varies depending on each plan.  
    • The maximum number of administrators you can invite: 2 for b.stage essential and 5 for b.stage standard.
    • If you need more than 6 administrators, please contact the Customer Service of b.stage as you need to upgrade your plan.

Appointing as the head administrator

  • You can appoint the operator or administrator who accepted the invitation as your head administrator.
    •  However, general operators or administrators may not be appointed as the head administrator.
  •  There can only be one account for the head administrator. Appointing another administrator as the head administrator will automatically revoke the existing head administrator’s status. Please make sure that you appoint carefully.
  • The head administrator holds all the authorities entrusted to the position, and the name will be changed accordingly.

Remove from administrator

  • You can remove the invited operator and administrator at any time. 
  • Please select the administrator you wish to remove and click "Remove from administrator."
  • By removing the account from administrator, it will no longer have any access to the service management page.  
  • You can resend the invitation to the removed account again.

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