Notification Settings
  • 21 Apr 2022
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Notification Settings

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You can set a notification for the emails that will be sent to the users.

Sender email

  • This is the email address the users will receive they sign up or reset their password.
  • The main domain you set by going to Settings > Domain is your sending email address.

Email logo

  •  Click "Set the email logo" to choose the logo that will appear on top of the email/
    •  If you don't set any logo, your email will be in text only.
  • The email logo is the same regardless of the screen mode (light or dark), so please refer to the recommendation below. 
    • The recommended size is 825*192px, and the format is PNG, JPG, and GIF. The maximum size is 5MB.
    • For a logo with an image, please make sure that your background color is not transparent.
  • Logos in a dark or black color may not be seen in certain email applications using dark mode. 
    • For the logo itself, please work on a PNG file with white outlines.
      Or, add an image with a background color and ensure the logo is seen very well.

Types of automatic emails

  • The following are the types of emails that are automatically sent by the system.
  • Among them, emails related to Star Posts are sent only to users who have consented to receiving them.

▶ Emails sent to users

  • Email verification number for signing up
  • Completion of sign up
  • Password reset
  • Star’s new post
  • Star’s comment
  • Payment Completed 
  • Payment Cancelled 
  • Subscription Termination Complete 
  • Payment Amount Adjusted

▶  Emails sent to administrators

  • b.stage management display invitation email
  • Email verification number for signing up in b.stage
  • Password reset
  • Completion of video encoding
  • Failure to encode video

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