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  • 15 Nov 2022
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Site Design

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You can make changes to the items that appear in the homepage, such as the logo, color, and footer.

Password change

  •  Your homepage can be set in private mode until you open the service. 
    • Please set your "Homepage Password" to ensure that your homepage can be checked only when you enter the password.
  • You can proceed to set your homepage after you set the homepage password first.

Make service public

  • Once you set all required general settings, you can proceed and make your service public. 
    • Please make sure that you are done with the general settings to make your service public.
  • Once you turn your service public, anyone will have access to your homepage via the domain address.

Screen mode

  • You can select the screen modes to be available in your service. Please select the modes that fit the themes of your service.
  • Please select the System Settings Mode to select both light and dark modes. 
    • If you selected the System Settings Mode, the mode will automatically change according to the user’s display settings.  
    •  In addition, users are allowed to separately change the settingss under My Menu.
  • The screen mode is available for change at any time. Please make sure that your logos and colors will stand out regardless.

Logo settings

  • Please upload a logo to be displayed throughout your service in line with the guidelines. 
    • The recommended size is 600px and above (width). The logo should be a PNG file, and the area other than the logo should be transparent. The file size should be no more than 5 MB.
  • Please select a logo that adjusts well with the screen mode you have selected.
    • You may go to Preview to check how the logo will appear in light mode or dark mode.

Favicon settings

  • Favicon refers to the representing icon that is shown in the address bar of your web browser. The mode changes depending on the system settings of the user. Make sure you check before you save.
  • Please upload a favicon in accordance with the guideline. 
    •  Recommended size: 32*32px. Supported format is PNG and ICO. The file size should be no more than 5 MB.
    • Your favicon in PNG format may not appear in certain settings. We recommend the ICO format.
  • Here is how you can make an ICO file. 
    1. Please prepare a square image file (PNG, JPG, or GIF) that includes a logo.
    2. Please go to or convertio to convert the image.
    3. Upload the downloaded ICO file and check if it shows properly.

Color settings

  • The color that best represents the service brand is used throughout the display.
    • Please select the color that best represents the brand and goes well with the service logo.  
    • We recommend a saturated color to make it stand out.
  •  In case you are selecting the "Select Subcolor," the service may appear more unique and colorful as it can make a star account stand out.
  • Please select the color that goes well with the screen mode you have selected.
    •  You may go to Preview to check how the color will appear in light mode or dark mode.
  • You can either select the color of your choice or enter a specific color.  

Footer settings

  • You can edit the business entity information, Terms of Service, and additional items displayed in the footer.  
  • In case you have selected more than one service language, please enter the items in all the languages you have selected. If left blank, it will be shown only in the default language.

Footer > Business Information Settings

  • The business information is required by law to be shown under the homepage. Please make sure that you enter it accordingly. 
    • click "Load the Information from Basic Settings" to automatically paste the information you have entered in your Basic Settings.
    • You can freely add text in case you wish to add more information.
    • Please note that the entire text below will be cleared once you paste the information from Basic Settings.

Footer > Terms Settings

  • Each country has its own terms you are required to notify. Make sure you refer to "Terms of Service", "Privacy Policy", and others.
    • In case of South Korea, it is mandated by law to show the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy."  
  • Please note that only terms and conditions with "body content usage" ON are provided in the list.
  • You can drag and drop your mouse to change the order of the terms.
  •  If you wish to add a term or revise its content, please go to General Settings > Regulations and Terms.

Footer > Additional Items

  • To add more information you wish to show in your footer section, such as Customer Service information and others, please click "Additional Items."
  • In case the service language is available in more than one language, you can change tabs and upload items by language. 
    •  A default language must be entered.
    • In case you leave the other languages blank, all the information will be shown in the default language.
  • You can use your mouse to drag and drop the order of the items you have additionally added.


Basic Homepage Information

  • Set your homepage title, description, and image to be displayed when others search for your homepage in search engines.
  • We recommend the title to be kept short and brief as it is displayed on the tabs of a web browser.
  • It is also best to keep your description short and brief as it is what appears when others see in search engines or when shared on social media. 
    • Writing a description gives you a higher chance of your homepage being seen in search engines.
  • Please upload an image to be displayed when others share your homepage on social media. If you leave it blank, it will be shared as a blank image. 
    •  Recommended size: 1200*630px. Supported format is PNC and PNG. The file size should be no more than 5 MB.

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