Sign Up Items
  • 08 Apr 2022
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Sign Up Items

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You can make changes to the items you wish your users to fill out when they sign up, and set up social sign in buttons.

Social login settings

  • Please click the "Add" button if you wish to allow your users to sign in with their Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. 
    • To find out how you can connect to each social platform, please refer to the descriptions below.
  • Click the "Change Order" button to change the order of the available social platforms.
  • A pencil icon will appear to the right of each social sign in icon once you hover over it with your mouse. Click on it to go to its settings.
    • Check "Hide Social sign in" to exclude the social sign in button during the sign up process.
    • Buttons that have been hidden can be set to be displayed at any time by unchecking the "Hide Social sign in" under its settings.
    • Please be careful when you decide to disconnect social platforms, because you will have to reconnect the social platform from the start if you wish to use it again.

Social Sign In Settings_ Google Sign In

Social Sign In Settings_ Facebook Sign In

Social Sign In Settings_ Twitter Sign In

Collected Information Settings

  • Choose the information you will be collecting from users when they create an account.
  • You must mention the items you will be collecting in your Privacy Policy!
  • You may also require the name, sex, date of birth, and cell phone number along with the required items: email address (account) and nickname.
  • If you decide to collect the date of birth, you can set the collection range.
    • Please select the one you wish to collect from the following list: year of birth, year and month of birth, and full date of birth.
  • Click the "Change Order" button to change the order of the collected items the users will see when they create their account.

Consent Items Settings

  • You can set the items that users must consent to during sign up.
  • The items mandated by the Paragraph 1 of Article 22 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection are set as required automatically in the sign up page.
    • They are items pertaining to the Terms of Services and Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement.
    • The item on receiving marketing information can only be set as optional.
  •  In case you need to verify the age of the users, please click "Add age verification."
    • You can also set the minimum age limit for Koreans and Non-Koreans.
    • In case your company is based in South Korea and adhere to its laws, we recommend you to set the minimum age required for sign up for Koreans to 14 years old and above. You can also increase the age restriction depending on the nature of your content, so please set accordingly.

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