Shopping Settings (Card Issuer Review)
  • 19 Apr 2022
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Shopping Settings (Card Issuer Review)

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If you an agreement with a PG company, and the final review of b.stage is complete, then please proceed with the card company review as a final step!  Only Eximbay conducts the card company review. It is not required for PayPal. 

Card Issuer Review Process

  • Once the agreement has been settled with the payment services agency, you need to undergo reviews by each card issuer that you will use. Card issuer reviews are performed through the payment services agency. 
  • Once the website settings are completed for card issuer review, please proceed with the process by contacting the payment services agency. 
  • Card issuer reviews normally take 14 business days, up to 3 weeks. 

▶ Registering products for requesting card issuer review

  • In processing the agreement on the payment method, each card issuer will review the website. 
    • In order to proceed with card issuer review, please be sure to reflect all the following information on your website! 
  • Information required for card issuer review
  1. Register at least 5 or more products
  2. Provide detailed description of each product
    • For intangible products, the price, duration of content use, description of the content and cancellation and refund policies are required
  3. b.stage SETTINGS > Footer : Enter the business information at the bottom of the main page
    • Name of the Company, Business Registration Number, Representative, Address, Landline Phone Number, Telemarketing Registration Number, Customer Support Contact Numbers are required
  4. On the bottom of the main page, terms of service and privacy policy shall be displayed
    • b.stage SETTINGS > Policies/Terms and Conditions : Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that include refund policy are required to be displayed
    • b.stage SETTINGS > Footer > Terms and Conditions : Privacy Policy and Terms of Services shall be displayed
  5. Product Category Matching
    • If there is an empty category, the website is considered to be incomplete. Therefore, each product needs to be matched to each category if there are categories defined

▶ Change b.stage to public

  •  The website must be publicly accessible for card issuer review. 
    • Please activate b.stage SETTINGS > Homepage Settings > [Publish Service] on the top righthand side corner. 
    • Please click b.stage SETTINGS > Shopping Settings > [Change the status to Public] on the top righthand side corner. 

▶ Request PG Review to the Payment Service Agency

  • Once you have completed all the steps above, please contact Eximbay and request to proceed the card issuer review. 
  • 1-on-1 inquiry to Eximbay customer service center:
  • During consultation, please be sure to let the hosting agency know that you are a member of b.stage.

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