Regulations and Terms
  • 21 Apr 2022
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Regulations and Terms

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Make sure you complete the policies and terms applied in the website to open the service!

Managing the regulations and terms

  •  Write the policies and terms for your website to show them in the footer area of your homepage. 
    • You can edit your regulations and terms by going to the General Settings > Homepage Settings > Footer > Terms menu.
  • Please make sure you fill out the terms that are mandated by the Act on the Electronic Commerce. 
    •  b.stage provides the examples of the following required items: Privacy policy, Terms of service, Personal information and usage agreement.
    • These examples are provided for the purpose of assisting you in writing the basic items in policy documents, such as the Terms of Service. These are based on the composition of the service and the scope of the provided service. Please refer to these examples and revise accordingly to your business needs and scopes.
  • The regulations and terms that are provided by default must be offered to the users when they sign up for the service. As they are mandated by law, any revision of the title is not possible.

Adding new regulations and terms

  • Please enter the title of the regulations and terms, followed by the version name. 
    • We recommend you to use the date for the version names as it allows you to easily manage the latest versions.
  • Please enter a title for your regulations and terms. 
    • In case you have selected more than one service language, please enter the items in all the languages you have selected. If left blank, it will be shown only in the default language.
  • You can decide if you wish to publish these right away on your website or later at a scheduled time by going to the settingss.

Revising existing regulations and terms

  • Click the "Title" button to revise the existing terms.
  • You can also add a new title and version to existing terms.
  • We recommend you to change the terms only for renewal purposes.  
  •  In case a term has more than two versions, the service will show all of them based on the version dates.

Managing the latest version of regulations and terms

  • Once you update the terms, the latest version will appear to the users.
  • Click "Latest version" to check the managing history of your previous versions.

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