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  • 23 Jun 2022
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Shop home

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Use the Shop Home to create your own official shop. You can offer a diverse shopping experience for your fans and fulfill their needs! 

Shop Home

The Shop Home is the first page that your fans will see in order to look for tangible products. You can turn it into a channel for offering diverse shopping experiences. 

Shop Home: In order to display the Shop Home on the service page, please change the Shop Home button to ON.

Top Banner: Click [Add Banner] and link events or products that you want to emphasize on up to 10 banners. 

  • If you add 2 or more banners, they will rotate automatically every 3 seconds in the designated order.
  • The banner that was uploaded most recently will appear at the very top. 

How to Add Banners 

  • Register banner image
    • Click [Register banner image] to upload the desired banner.
    • The recommended banner size is 2032*1016px (2:1 ratio) and must be up to 10 MB in the format of JPG, PNG, or GIF.
    • You can align the title horizontally or vertically according to the uploaded banner and change its color.
    • You can easily add a title or description to the banner. 
    •  If you want to delete the title, uncheck the [Add Title] box.
    •  Please make sure to enter information in the language of each country.
    • When you are registering the banner image, you can see where the image is displayed on the desktop and the mobile.
    •  Check the [Mobile Preview] box to preview the image area in the mobile version.
    •  Check the [Add Dark Color] box and set the % to adjust the opacity.
  • URL 
    • Please enter the URL that customers will be redirected to upon clicking the banner.
    • If you click [Open in new window], a new window will be created with the URL upon clicking the banner. 
    • Display Settings: You may select when to display the product you are selling.
    • Make public now: The banner will immediately be shown on the service page.
    • Make public later: The banner will be shown at the selected time.
    • Don't show: The banner will not be shown on the service page.
    • End display date: If you designate a date to stop showing the banner, you can turn the [End Display Date] button ON to stop showing the banner. 
    •  The banner will automatically stop being displayed on that date. 
  • Product Display
    • Up to 16 products will be shown on the Shop Home. In order to see all products, there will be a [See More] button. 
    • Once all details are uploaded, click the [Apply] button at the top right to finish the task.
    • If you no longer want to display the Shop Home, you can turn the Shop Home button OFF.

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