1:1 Inquiry
  • 21 Apr 2022
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1:1 Inquiry

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You can efficiently manage the 1:1 inquiries the users have asked.

1:1 inquiries list

  • 1:1 inquiries refers to the questions users have left because they weren’t able to get satisfying answers from the FAQ.
  •  In the 1:1 inquiries, you can answer and manage the questions the users have left.
  •  The inquiries are divided according to their "Unread," "Processing," and "Answered" status. 
    • Click on each tab to see the inquiries with the same status.
  • To add a filter in more detail, click the "filter" button at the top right.
    • Email account: Upload the email address to see only the inquiries submitted by it.
    •  Inquiry category: You can add the filter for the inquiry category set in the customer service category.
    •  Person in charge:You can filter the inquiries by person in charge if you have assigned the inquiries already.

1:1 Inquiries 

▶ Managing Inquiries

  • You can check information about the inquiry by clicking "Inquiry Info" on the right.
  • Response Status, Professing Officer, Tags, Inquiry Type, and order subject of inquiry may be modified by clicking on [Modify].  
    • For order subject to the order, you can review the product name, option order date associated with the order of interest.
    •  You can also change the information that is already there.

▶ Leaving a note

  •  In the 1:1 Inquiries list, you can click the inquiry you wish to check to move to the rely page.
  •  To leave a note about the inquiry, please click the "Leave a note" button at the top right. 
    •  You can create only one note, but it will not be shown to members. It is solely for internal usage.

▶ Processing answers 

  •  Once you have checked the inquiry, please leave your reply. 
    • You can choose from "Unread," "Processing," and "Answered" status.
    • After you have left the reply, check the "Change the status of the inquiry with your reply as follows" to change the status to "Answered."  

▶  Managing history 

  • To check the history of the inquiry, please click "All logs" at the bottom. 
    • To check the replies history of the administrator, please click the "Replies" tab.
    • To check the history processed in the system, please click "System logs."

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