Customer Service Category
  • 21 Apr 2022
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Customer Service Category

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Setting a category of FAQ is a great way to answer the questions posed by your users!

Customer service category

  • By categorizing your FAQ, users and administrators will be able to deal with the concerns at greatly speed.
  • You can create a category and compose the FAQ for it. 
    • To make the FAQ, please go to SPACE>FAQ menu.

Adding customer service category

  • Please click the "Add" button at the top right in the Customer Service Category page.
  • Please enter the name of the category. 
    • In case you have selected more than one service language, please enter the items in all the languages you have selected. If left blank, it will be shown only in the default language.
  • If you wish to show it right away, please check the "Display it on the FAQ category."
  • For questions that are not answered in the FAQ, users can compose a direct inquiry in the 1:1 Inquiries. 
    • Sending 1:1 inquiries is designed to be enabled only after they have checked the FAQ.
    • To allow users to be able to select the 1:1 inquiries as the category, please check the "Display it on the inquiry category available for 1:1 inquiry."
    •  If [Require the collection of "Order ID" during 1-on-1 inquiry.] is selected, you may select [Order ID] for the customer inquiry entered for the selected category.
  • Once you are done, please click the "Register" button.

Changing orders

  • To change the order, please click the "Adjust order" button at the top right.
  • Please drag and adjust the order accordingly.
  • Once you are done, please click the "Apply" button.

Deleting Customer Service Category

  • The categories that are linked to FAQ may not be deleted. 
    • To delete a category, please transfer the FAQ of that category to another one.
    • You can check how many FAQ are linked to a certain category at "Number of FAQ documents" in the Customer Service Category page.
    • To make a change in category, please go to SPACE>FAQ menu.
  • Please click the category you wish to delete in the page, and you will be directed to the edit page.
  • Click on the "Delete" button at the bottom, and it will be deleted. 
    • Deleted categories may not be restored.
  • Deleting a category with 1:1 inquiries would appear as a blank in the 1:1 inquiry history. Please be careful.  
    • We recommend you to hide it from view to manage it internally, instead of deleting it.

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