Easy sign in with Wallets
  • 14 Jul 2022
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Easy sign in with Wallets

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When providing fans with easy sign in and token/NFT membership authentication services to b.stage using wallets such as Metamask, Kaikas, and Klutch, please refer to the FAQs example like below.

*This contents are an example template. Please use it by modifying it according to your own b.stage.

Q1. Which browsers are supported on PC/mobile for wallets?

In XXX, wallet sign in is possible through Metamask, Klutch, and Kaikas. For browsers supported by each wallet, please refer to the following.


  • Mobile : iOS, Android
  • PC: Chrome, Edge, Whale


  • Mobile : None
  • PC: Chrome, Edge, Whale 


  • Mobile  : iOS, Android 
  • PC: Chrome, Edge, Whale 
  • In the case of a PC, when the QR code is exposed on the screen, it is possible to log in to the wallet with the PC through the Klutch mobile app.

Q2. How do I sign in through my wallet?

We provides a simple sign in service using Metamask, Kaikas, and Klutch, so please proceed as follows.

 STEP1   To sign in with your wallet, you must first sign in for the service page using your email address.

 STEP2  After signing, click your profile and click MY > Account > My Wallet > Connect Wallet.

 STEP3  After the connection is complete, you can sign in using the connected blockchain wallet (Metamask, Kaikas, Klutch) as well as email.

Q3.  How do I authenticate my membership using Tokens/NFTs?

Since the connection between b.stage and your wallet must be completed in order to obtain membership rights through token/NFT authentication, please proceed as below.

 STEP1  Click on Profile> My Wallet> Connect Wallet > Wallet to make sure that the connection to your wallet is complete. 

 STEP2  When all wallet connections are complete, click [💎(Membership)] at the top right of HOME to select a membership that can be purchased through NFT/token authentication.

 STEP3  Please check the membership level and click the [Register] button of the membership you want to verify.

 STEP4  Click [NFT Authentication] to connect your wallet and proceed with the verification process. After checking the details, click [Verify] to complete membership verification.

Membership verification is only possible if you have more than the minimum number of NFTs/tokens required for verification set by the seller. Accordingly, if it is difficult to purchase membership, please check the number of NFTs/tokens in the wallet linked to the subscription requirements listed on the membership information page.

Q4. How to buy tokens on Fanto?

 STEP1  Please go to Fanto and proceed with 'Connect Wallet' in the upper right corner.

 STEP2  Please connect the wallet you are currently using among the wallets of Kaikas, Klutch and Klip.

 STEP3  After connecting, click 'View All Creators' and click 'View Details' of the company you want to purchase.

 STEP4  Click 'Buy Token' to purchase tokens using Klay or FTN (Panto Token).

*Approval's approval process is required once for the first transaction, and a fee through Klay is incurred for token transaction, so please check the Klay balance.

Q5. How do I make a Metamask wallet? (PC only)

 STEP1  Please install Metamask by clicking here using the Chrome web browser and clicking [Add to Chrome] at the top right corner.

 STEP2  When the welcome message is displayed, click [Start], and then click [Create Wallet] to start creation.

 STEP3  Please click [I Agree] after checking the contents of participating in Metamask improvement.

 STEP4  Please create a password.

 STEP5  If you check the video about wallet protection and click [Next], you can see 12 secret recovery phrases. Since the secret recovery phrase created once cannot be checked again, it is recommended that you record it in a space known only to you. Once again, select 12 words in turn according to the secret phrase and click [OK].

 STEP6   When the MetaMask wallet creation is complete, please fix the pin to Chrome. You can check your wallet by accessing MetaMask at any time through the extension in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.

Q6. How do I make a Kaikas wallet? (PC only)

 STEP1  Click here using the Chrome web browser and click [Add to Chrome] at the top right corner to install Kaikas.

 STEP2  When the Kaikas wallet installation is complete, click the puzzle shape at the top right of the Chrome browser and click the pin icon to fix the Kaikas wallet on the top bar of the Chrome browser.

 STEP3  Please click the Kaikas wallet icon to set a password.

 STEP4  Please key in the name for your account.

 STEP5  The seed phrase is essential for wallet recovery, so please keep it separately in a safe way. However, for safety, please do not share the phrase with others. After clicking [Downloard as file], please enter the seed phrase once more.

 STEP6  Click the [Start Kaikas] button to complete the wallet creation.

Q7. How do I create a Klutch wallet? (mobile only)

 STEP1  In the case of Klutch, it is possible to create using a mobile device, not a PC. 

 STEP2  The Klutch app is available for download on both iOS and Android. Please download Klutch's app according to your mobile phone model as shown below.

  • iOS app store : https://apps.apple.com/kr/app/klutch/id1626107061
  • Android play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.klutch.wallet

 STEP3  Click [New Wallet] to create a new wallet.

 STEP4  You can set a PIN number and, if necessary, use a biometric authentication method.

 STEP5  After checking the recovery phrase, please keep it separately in a safe way. For your safety, please do not share this phrase with others. Please click [I have saved the text for recovery].

 STEP6  Check the recovery phrase once more, write the name of the wallet to be used, and click [Create Wallet] to complete the wallet creation.

Q8. How do I bring my Metamask or Klutch wallet to Kaikas? (PC version)

 STEP1  Please log in to your Kaikas wallet.

 STEP2  Please click the person icon at the top.

 STEP3  Click the [Import] button in Account Management, paste the Metamask or Klutch's private key, and click [Import].

 STEP4  When the previously used wallet is loaded, you can check the current wallet address and asset status such as Klaytn.

Q9. How do I bring my Kaikas or Metamask wallet to Klutch? (mobile version)

 STEP1  Please run the Klutch app on your mobile and click [Load Used Wallet].

  STEP2  After agreeing to the terms and conditions, click [Start].

 STEP3If you click OK in [Import as recovery phrase], enter the recovery phrase for each wallet, and click Next, you can check the current wallet address and asset status such as Klaytn.

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