How to connect to paypal account to b.stage?
  • 20 Apr 2022
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How to connect to paypal account to b.stage?

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If you have set the payment method to Paypal, you must sign up directly for the "Receive payment with PayPal(Business Account)" account. Please refer to the following to proceed with all settings of your Paypal account. Connection with b.stage is possible only when all settings are complete!

PayPal Registration 

  • Click on the account that will accept payments through PayPal from the direct registration link, and fill out all the information that is required by PayPal to complete registration.
  • Your account will only be activated if you verify the e-mail address that you used for registration. When the verification is complete, please go back to the PayPal page.  

Credit Card Registration 

  • Click the account name on the top right and go to [Account Settings].
  • Click [Funds, Banks, and Cards] and click [Connect New Card] to connect a credit card.
  • After registering your credit card, click [Edit] to verify the card once again.

Currency Settings 

  • Click the account name on the top right and click [Account Settings].
  • Click [Funds, Banks, and Cards] and click [Add Currency] from [Currency Management] and select the currency you wish to add. (Currencies that are not shown on the list are currencies that are not supported by PayPal.)

Bank Account Registration

  • PayPal does not deposit the paid amounts to your bank account, but the amount gets accumulated in your PayPal account. If you want to withdraw the funds to your bank account, you must connect your bank account.
  • Click the account name on the top right and go to [Account Settings].
  • Click [Funds, Banks, and Cards] and click [Connect New Bank] to connect a bank account.
  • Enter the bank account that is under your name and identity verification information, and click the Connect button after giving consent. 
  • If you search for a bank name in English, a list will be generated automatically. Select your preferred bank from the list. If you select a bank, the corresponding bank code will be automatically entered.
  • Within 3-5 days, PayPal will deposit 2 small amounts under 1-99 KRW to the account you connected.
  • When you see the 2 deposits from PayPal in your deposit history, log in to PayPal and click the account name on the top right. Go to [Account Settings] > [Funds, Banks, and Cards] > [Banks], and click the account that is pending confirmation.
  • Click the Edit button next to the registered account.
  • When you click "Check Deposit," a window will appear in which you may enter the amount of deposit you have received from PayPal. If you confirm after submitting two deposits, the state will finally change to [Confirmed].

▶ Note on PayPal

  • Payment may be delayed if payment or use is restricted according to PayPal's internal standards.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to use PayPal.
  • If you are not already a PayPal user, you can get your payment by completing your PayPal registration. However, if you do not receive your payment within 30 days, the money transfer will be revoked automatically.
  • If the PayPal e-mail is not verified, you will not be able to sell products by offering PayPal as a payment method, so please make sure to verify the e-mail.
  • How to Verify E-mail 
    • On the PayPal payment method registration screen, give consent to required items and the 3rd party provision.
    • [Required] Agreements for digital product sales and payment service (b:myfriends)
    • For monthly payment, you must agree to the terms and conditions for digital product payment and commission processing.
  • If you remove permissions, you will not be able to pay, cancel, or view payments.
    • Therefore, if there are payments or cancellations through this ID, this may be cause for a claim, so please choose wisely.
  • If you change the business ID, changes/cancellations will be processed through the previous business ID from before the change, and new payments will be processed through the new business ID.
    • If you change your PayPal ID, please remove or delete permissions for the previous registered ID. Previous payments will not be able to be searched or canceled, which may cause inconveniences for customers who paid.

▶ For any inquiries regarding PayPal please refer it to the following contact.

PayPal Customer Service Center 1:1 Inquiry

During consultation, please be sure to let the hosting agency know that you are a member of b.stage.

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