How to request to create the SHOP
  • 27 Jun 2022
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How to request to create the SHOP

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If you have completed all payment service (PG) subscriptions, you can request to open a SHOP of b.stage.

Upon completion of the SHOP opening request, the b.stage proceeds with the inspection for SHOP approval.

SHOP inspection is carried out within 5 business days, and when inspection is completed, inspection approval is sent to the administrator's email address who requested the inspection, and the SHOP menu is created.     

▶Set up SHOP

Go to SETTINGS > Shopping Settings > Set up shop to create the SHOP.

Please set a nam for your SHOP: [[EXIMBAY] Set the payment method and currency.] Fill out the required fields in the step.

Payment Method & Currency: 

  • Enter the payment method (ex: credit card or easy payment) for one-time payments and recurring payments.
  •  You cannot change the payment currency settings, so those who intend on making global sales should select both KRW and USD from the start.
  • Enter the MID and secret key that you received from Eximbay for one-time payments and recurring payments, respectively.
  • If you enter the incorrect value, there will be issues during settlement, so please make sure to enter the correct values.

Exchange Rate: After setting up the exchange rate, which will become the standard for global sales, click the [Next] button.

Points: If you will be using points in the future, click [Use Points] and fill out the required fields.

You may change the name of the points, units, and default earnings rate later, but you will not be able to change the points expiration period, so please choose wisely.

Consent Items: Please check the details of constnet Items and click on the NEXT. 

When all settings are complete, click [Request a Review].

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