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👉 My b.stage

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👉 b.stage ID

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  • Your b.stage ID must include two or more lowercase letters, numbers, or dashes "-" and the beginning and end must be either English or numeric.
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  • Please note that the b.stage ID cannot be changed once created.
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  • It may take a minute or two to create your own b.stage.

👉 b.stage settings

ⓐ Basic

  • Country Selection: Please select the country where the individual or business operator belongs. The country you select will determine the payment method(s) that can be used in that country.
  • For example, if you select United States, you can only sign up for PayPal, and Korean customers will not be able to pay.
  • If you haven't registered as a business, please click [No], then enter the following information: Company Name, the Representative's full name, and date of birth. Even if you aren't registered as a business now, you may update this status later.

    Your company name will appear in place of your name in the Terms of Service, footer, etc. You can use your b.stage name or a nickname that you normally use.

    Please proceed by checking the required consent items and clicking [Next].

  • If you are a business or corporation, please click [Yes, we are a business] and enter the following information: Business name, the Representative's full name, Business registration number, address, and postal code. Please fill out all fields to match the information on the business license.

    After completing the process, please click [Next].

  • Please enter the following information: Business name, the Representative's full name, Business registration number, address, and postal code.

ⓑ Categories

  • Business Category: Please select the main field your business is involved in. Entering your business category can make it easier to offer customers the necessary guidelines and provide them with a better overall user experience.
  • Please enter 1-3 links so we can see your current social media channels and content—Ex) Instagram, blog, YouTube, Twitch, Patreon, etc.
  • This will only be used to better understand your interests and activities.

ⓒ b.stage settings

  • Enter your b.stage name: This information will be used when fans search for your b.stage and when your URL is shared. We recommend using a name that can help you communicate with fans. (Ex: ⭐️⭐️’s Stories)
    • This text will appear on the home menu bar of your b.stage.


  • Protect your b.stage with a password so only you can access it: Your b.stage will be private until all settings are complete. You can access it using your password.
    • Please be sure to share the password with anyone who works with you.


  • Supported Languages: b.stage currently supports Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), and Spanish. If you don't set up languages now, you have the option to add them later.
    • However, once the language is added, it cannot be deleted.


  • Which of the languages you chose above will be the default?: If no multilingual language is entered, the default language you set will be displayed.
    • For a large global audience, it is recommended to set English for customers with unsupported languages.


  • Choose time zone: Data for analysis will be generated based on the time period you selected.


  • When all settings are complete, click [Next].

ⓓ Launch

  • Some items cannot be changed once your b.stage launches, so please double-check!
  • After confirming the entered information, reading the agreement, and consenting to the terms, click [Launch b.stage].