Basic Information

Settings required to launch your b.stage.
These include website or business info, payment method, language, and more.

👉 Basic information & Location

  • You can check and change the following information: Business name, Representative's full name, Business registration number, ZIP code, and Address. (This information was entered during the b.stage creation.)

✔ Social Links Settings

  • Display any desired links alongside social services.
    • Please press the [Add URL (up to 20)] button to select the services you want to provide links for.
    • You can also edit the name of each link.
    • The added links can be displayed on the main page of the service.


👉 Default Settings

  • Please check the supported and default languages you selected during the b.stage creation. Among these languages, the language "Set as default" is provided as the default if you use multiple languages.
    • It is not possible to remove any languages which have already been added.
    • If you have a newly added service language, please go to:
      ① General Settings > Basic Information > Terms and Conditions,
      ② Shop Settings > Agreements to modify required content by language.
      ③ Design Settings > Footer > Business Information to modify required content by language.
  • Time Zone
    • The analyzed data will be generated based on the selected period here.