Shop Settings (PG Contract)

After completing Pre-setting, please apply for payment service to proceed with the monetization of your original content. b.stage provides an integrated PG service so that all fans in Korea and abroad can purchase content and products smoothly.

  • Please make a contract by selecting a PG company suitable for your business type, country, and product type. (Before making a request, please check once more whether the Terms and Conditions and Footer of b.stage have been created and the site has been published.)

👉 Contracting with a PG company to sell digital content

✔️ PayPal Sign-up Link = International businesses contract available

✔️ Note

  • In case of signing up with a Korean PayPal account:
    • Only overseas customers, excluding Koreans, can use the service.
  • In case of signing up with a US PayPal account:
    • Korean customers are only allowed to pay for a single payment, not payment on a regular basis. (Recurring Payment)
    • Overseas customers can enjoy the full service.
    • Korean customers can also pay for a single payment.


✔️ Toss Payments


✔️ Eximbay


👉 Contacting PG companies

✔ PayPal

✔ Toss Payments

✔ Eximbay