Shopping Settings (Manage Warehouses)

Set and manage your warehouses' locations for shipping purposes.


✔️ Manage Warehouses

  • Warehouses which are essential for selling physical products can be set via SETTINGS > Shopping Settings > Manage Warehouses.


✔️ Warehouse list

  • In the warehouse list, you can check the name and address of the previously registered warehouse, and the number of shipping policies linked.
  • Please click the [Add] button to add the warehouse; the maximum 5 warehouses can be added.


👉 If the selected country is in Korea when setting up b.stage

  • Default Warehouse Settings


👉If the selected country is other than Korea when setting up b.stage

  • Default Warehouse Settings
    • Warehouse Name, Warehouse Description and Shipping Address are the same as if the selected country is Korea.
    • Phone Number: Please enter the contact information of the shipping company.
      • The phone number will be displayed on packages' shipping labels.
      • United States: Please enter at least 10 digits.
      • Japan: The first digit can only be 0 or 1, and you can enter a minimum of 8 digits and a maximum of 12 digits.
    • Shipping policies in use: Once you have created a warehouse, you can select a shipping policy to apply to that warehouse. (You must add a shipping policy first).
      • A guide to setting up your shipping policy can be found here.