Paid Content

You can register original content and make it available only to membership subscribers or monetize it.

✔️ If you would like to register free content, please refer to the free content registration guide!

👉 Add Paid content

  • In order to add Paid content, it is necessary to set up membership via PRODUCTS > Memberships or add a digital voucher via PRODUCTS > Digital Vouchers & Tickets.


ⓐ Click [Add +] at the top right.
ⓑ Select [Uploaded video] or [Paid post] under [Paid Content] section.

ⓒ It is compulsory to connect a membership or digital voucher to a Paid content. Click [Please connect a membership / digital voucher required) on the top right.

  • Please select the permissions required to view the content. Once saved, these cannot be modified.
  • Only customers who purchased the selected membership/voucher can view and browse through content.


  • If there are no such memberships or digital vouchers you would like to connect, then click [Add membership] or [Add a voucher] from each settings.
  • Customers may not be able to purchase products depending on the sales/display status. Please double-check before proceeding.
  • Digital vouchers can be searched and filtered by [Product ID] and [Product Type] respectively.
  • If you select a digital voucher to link to the Paid content, the sample page will be displayed on the right. This page is similar to the screen that will be shown to customers.

ⓓ When the selection is complete, click [Save] on the upper right corner.

  • Please note that membership can also be selected by level. Customers with other membership levels will see the following message: "The selected content cannot be accessed with this option."
  • Please click [View more] before proceeding. You may refer this guide here.
  • You may also find the guide about image and thumbnail here.

Precautions when registering Paid content

When the membership/view rights of existing Paid content is disconnected or the display status of content is changed into Private, existing customers would not be able to view the content, which may be subject to claims.

• Therefore, it is crucial to select a membership / digital voucher that is currently in the [Publish now] / [Always sell] status.