You can encourage users to sponsor you in content, Star Stories, and on other screens on your b.stage. Create and manage sponsorships and view sales figures.


👉 Manage default settings

  • Before utilizing the sponsorship feature, click [Sponsorship Settings] via SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Sponsorship.


  • Use sponsorship settings?
    • View where the sponsorship button is displayed on the sample screen to the left and decide whether or not you'd like to use it.


  • Basic Sponsorships Settings
    • Create a greeting to show customers who want to sponsor you.


    • Sponsorship Profile
      • Upload a profile image that represents your b.stage and display a sponsorship greeting. The recommended image size is 400*400px (1:1 ratio), and supports JPG, PNG and GIF file formats up to 5MB.
    • Sponsorship Greeting
      • We recommend that you write a message for sponsors to show your gratitude.
    • Sponsorship Button Name
      • Customers will see the button and decide whether or not to sponsor. We recommend writing something nice for them.
      • Button name may get cut off depending on the device. Please be sure to write out the name so it appears in this area.


  • When all settings are complete, click [Apply] on the upper right corner.

👉 Add Sponsorships

  • To add a sponsorship, click [Add] button at the top right.
  • You can add 2 types of sponsorship: [Recurring Sponsorships] and [General Sponsorships].
    • Recurring Sponsorships: Allow customers to sponsor you each month.
    • General Sponsorships: Allow customers to make a single lump-sum payment.
  • Sponsorship does not give you rights to view contents or purchase products.

✔️ Basic Information

  • Sponsor Name (required)
    • Please enter sponsorship name. You can also add multiple languages. If not entered, it will be presented in the default language.


  • Sponsorship price (required)
    • For digital products, tax standards and tax levy type may differ depending on the laws of the business operator's country/region.
    • We recommend discussing matters related to taxation of revenue with a professional tax accountant, and setting the selling price after determining whether or not taxes will be imposed.
    • Sponsorships may not be discounted, and you must enter a fixed price for each currency. The price cannot be changed after registering.
    • In the case of KRW, you may enter units as small as 1 KRW, and in the case of USD, you may enter up to hundredths place.


  • Purchase restrictions
    • Recurring Sponsorships: If you are already making recurring payments for this sponsorship, you may not purchase it again.
    • General Sponsorships: Allow customers to purchase with no quantity limit.


  • Short description
    • Please enter the information you'd like to deliver to customers who want to purchase this sponsorship.
    • You can also add multiple languages. If not entered, it will be presented in the default language.


  • Terms and Conditions
    • The following information on canceling a purchase will be shown to customers.
      • Once 7 days have passed since payment, your sponsorship purchase will be confirmed and you will no longer be able to cancel it.
      • If you cancel your recurring sponsorship payment, it will be terminated on the next payment date, and your sponsorship will be active until then.


  • Visibility settings
    • You can turn sponsorships ON/OFF, and you can display up to 10 sponsorships at a time


  • Additional Settings
    • Points
      • Set the earnings rate for the points that are automatically issued when a purchase gets confirmed.
      • Use basic earning rate: Points are accumulated at the earning rate you set when you first set points via SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Points.
      • Set earnings rate manually: You can directly enter the earnings rate, numbers between 0.1 - 99.9% up to the tenths place.
      • No earnings rate: Points will not be accumulated when purchasing the voucher.


  • Thank you message (coming soon)
    • You can display a thank-you message to customers who purchase sponsorships on the payment confirmation page (as shown on the left). An option to modify this feature is currently in development.
      • Items that can be modified
        • Images
        • Thank you message
        • Additional descriptions


  • When all settings are completed, click [Register] on the upper right corner.

👉 Managing Sponsorships

  • You can check the list of registered sponsorships.
  • Sponsorships are categorized based on the saved status, hence, you can browse [Registered] and [Temporarily saved] tabs.
  • If you click [View sponsorships on display], you can check how the registered sponsorships are currently displayed on the service.
  • From the list, you can check the Price, Display status (Exposure), Last modified date and Quantity sold.