How can I switch my b.stage from Private to Public status?

In order to make your b.stage public, you must first complete all the required settings in the Checklist (question mark at the bottom right of admin page).
Once all required settings are completed, you can make your b.stage public via SETTINGS > Design Settings.

Required Checklist

ⓐ Default b.stage Design

  • Screen mode
    • System settings automatically switch to light or dark mode depending on the user's environment. You have the option to designate a fixed screen mode.
  • Home Menu Bar & Favicons
    • You can set the information that is displayed on the top menu of your b.stage. The default value is the same text as the b.stage title. You can also upload an image of your brand logo if you have one.
  • Brand Color
    • Choose a color that best represents your brand to be used throughout your b.stage (including buttons, etc.)


ⓑ Required Items

  • [Terms/Regulations] Terms and Conditions of Use
    • (Republic of Korea) Set up the terms and regulations that must be displayed for operation. Please modify the content in the template to suit your circumstances. b.stage owners are responsible for their members and terms of use, so please be sure to review everything carefully before proceeding.
  • [Terms/Regulations] Privacy Policy
    • (Republic of Korea) The Personal Information Processor's name, affiliation, phone number and email are required. Please be sure to fill out all required fields.
  • Footer
    • You can display your company's information, terms, and more at the bottom of your b.stage. All information presented in the default template is required.
  • [Sign-up] Collected Information
    • You can designate the information that is required when members create an account. The information required must be indicated in the Terms and Conditions in line with the Personal Information collection and Usage Agreement, so please check before disclosing.
  • [Sign-up] Social Media Login
    • While the initial setup may be a little difficult, enabling social media logins allows customers to log in more easily. b.stage currently supports logins with Google, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Basic Information
    • You can set the default configuration, such as the business operator's information, supported languages, and more. Please click if you need to modify the information registered during set up.