How do I grant a Star role?

You can grant a Star role via CUSTOMERS > Members Accounts.


  • In addition to the member's right, Star accounts can post Star Stories.
    • Members: Add/edit/delete comments and replies, add reactions and report other member's comments and replies
  • In the member management list, click the member you want to grant the role of "Star" to go to the details.
    • Click [Member ▼] on the left of the profile image or [Change role] on the top right.
    • Select [Star] among the roles, and click [Change].
    • If the "Star" role is properly granted, the displayed role in the list will change from "Member" to "Star".


💡 What is the limit on number of star roles?

Depending on the plan you use, the number of members you can grant Star Accounts to is limited.

b.stage Essential: Only 1 is provided.
b.stage Standard: Up to 3 are provided by default, and up to 10 people supported. (Each additional account requries an additional usage fee.)

If you need more than 3 star accounts, please request a plan change through the Customer Service!