Community Guidelines

This document is a reference template for establishing a sound and active community, created to inform those who manage or plan to manage a community using b.stage of associated regulations. Please modify this document according to your policy and circumstances.


[YOUR COMPANY NAME] (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") operated by [YOUR SERVICE NAME] (hereinafter referred to as the "service") is a space where various members coexist and communicate with one another. [YOUR STAGE NAME] Community Guidelines are designed to create a free and healthy community. We hope these guidelines will be clearly understood and communicated to all members who use the service.


The contents of these Community Guidelines apply to all content hosted on the service (including text, images, links, etc.), and apply equally to all users. Community Guidelines can be changed depending on the company, service, or community. Changes will be announced in notices posted on the service.


In the event that a change occurs, please be sure to check the contents of the notice. If you fail to confirm the change, you may not be able to receive help. Matters not mentioned in these [YOUR SERVICE NAME] Community Guidelines are handled in accordance with the terms and conditions of use and the “Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection”, as well as other relevant statutes and common notions and sentiments shared by members of society.



1. Restrictions on Inappropriate Content and Behavior

[1] Sensational Content and Behavior

Sexually suggestive content, including exposure, sexual harassment, and pornography, is prohibited.


[2] Disgusting, Discriminatory or Violent Content and Behavior

Uploading or indirectly promoting or encouraging provocative content that is hateful, violent, criminal or harmful to the body is prohibited.


[3] Tort and Other Acts

Illegal activities that hinder the operation of the service, the community environment, or harm others are prohibited. This includes:

- Content or actions that disrupt or adversely affect service operations

- Content or actions involving commercial promotions or advertising that are prohibited in the community

- Content or actions involving the dissemination of information that has not been officially disseminated by the service or false information that could cause damage or confusion

- Content or acts that could cause damage to others through fraud, impersonation, etc.

- Content or activities that promote gambling, etc.

- Content or activities involving the false reporting of other users, leading to the restriction of their use of the service



2. Protection of Personal Information


The service strives to protect users’ valuable personal information and complies with necessary laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information.


If personal information that you have not given consent to disclose is exposed or posted by another person, you may request that the individual who produced and registered the content delete it or file a report to delete the content itself.


[1] Content Deletion Criteria

Privacy violations will be handled and inappropriate content will be deleted according to the service’s Community Guidelines.


Personal information includes information that can identify an individual directly, as well as information that can identify an individual when combined with other information.


[2] Examples of Personal Information

- Identifying information (name, date of birth, gender, government ID number, etc.)

- Contact (cell phone or landline number, etc.)

- Address (residence, school, company, affiliated organizations, etc.)

- Financial information (bank account, credit card number, password, etc.)

- Other personally identifiable information


3. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights / Portrait Rights

Users can freely use content provided by the service.


Care must be taken to preserve the rights and freedoms of others and to not cause damage.


In addition, surreptitiously taking photos or videos of others, recording their voices while using content, and distributing content without permission are prohibited. Content that has been identified as infringing upon intellectual property/portrait rights may be modified, deleted, or recalled without warning. Applicable actions include:


- Photographing or distributing another individual's face, body, voice, etc. to a third party without the their knowledge

- Arbitrarily modifying an image/video containing a specific person's face, body, or voice in a way that causes damage to that person

- Registering content that infringes upon the copyright of another person

- Using copyrighted audio sources, images, videos, etc. without the expressed permission of the copyright holder

- Damaging or modifying work without the copyright holder’s consent


If you find content that infringes upon the copyright or portrait rights of yourself or the organization to which you belong while using the service, please report the damage to [Customer Service].


4. Restriction of Use

If inappropriate content or behaviors are identified based on the Community Guidelines, the Company will take appropriate action in line with internal standards.


Users can also report inappropriate content and actions and can decide whether or not to proceed to an investigation when filing a report. If necessary, you also have the option to request an investigation after use has been restricted.


[1] Applicable Restriction Measures

If users violate the Community Guidelines, you can notify them and take measures such as changing nicknames and restricting use.


You can temporarily or permanently restrict users’ service use depending on the seriousness of a violation and whether or not it is a repeat offense.


If, however, an action violates current laws, is a serious violation of the Terms and Conditions, or urgent action is required, the restriction of service use can be processed before notice is given.


Even if they are not listed in the Community Guidelines, the actions above actions may be taken if users do not conform to service standards. Users who commit serious crimes and those who are deemed to be detrimental to creating a safe and pleasant community may be restricted from using the service.


[2] Objections to Restriction of Use

If the user objects to the applicable restriction measures, he/she may contact Customer Service for related information.


Please note that objections cannot be filed on the grounds of restricted use at the end of the data retention period.


Supplementary Provisions 1

The Community Guidelines will take effect on [DATE].