Where can I check the member's details?

You can check the member's details via CUSTOMERS > Members Accounts.

Member Management List

  • Members are categorized into [All], [Members], [Stars], [Managers] and [New] tabs. Click on each tab to quickly see information on the corresponding members. If you click on the [New] tab, you can see a list of members who joined within the last 7 days.
  • To search for Nickname / Email address of the members, please click the filter on the right.
  • You can also check the account status in the first column of the list, "Account status".
    • "Active" accounts refer to members who are in your service without any restrictions.
    • "Blocked" accounts refer to members who are temporarily suspended from logging into the service for their violation of the community policy.
    • "Inactive" accounts refer to members who have not signed in for a year and more. Their information are stored separately, and they must follow several steps to remove their inactive status.


Check member details

  • Click the email of the member whose details you wish to check from the member management list, and you will be taken to the member detail page.
  • You can check the member's basic information such as name, phone number, date of birth and gender as well as b.stage use information (Easy login, Language, Marketing consent and Sign-up date).
  • For basic information, only the information set via SETTINGS > Sign-up Items > Collected Information is displayed. For more details, please check here.
  • In the member overview on the left, you can check your current member's status, role, nickname, email address, available points and order details.
  • You can leave an internal note about the member by clicking [Please enter any information that other admins should check] in the upper right corner. Notes can be used to rapidly scan through important notifications.
  • If you click [Digital products], [Physical product], or [Memberships] in the [Order details], you will be directed to each order history (new window).
  • You can check your order history only when you have opened a SHOP.
  • For dormant members, [Issued/Withdrawn], [Change role] and [Block account] buttons are inactive.