Can I manage the site from the real service page, not from admin page?

Yes, [Manager] account can operate the stage through comment management.


  • Membership rights are divided into [Member], [Star], and [Manager].
    • [Star] and [Manager] can view paid content and membership-only content without having to purchase a membership or voucher.
    • Content can be viewed before or after the period of use of paid content.
    • [Become a member], [Purchase voucher] button will no longer be displayed to accounts that have purchased membership or specific voucher.


Different roles are given different permissions

• Members: Add/edit/delete comments and replies, add reactions and report other member's comments and replies.
• Star: Add Star Stories, View members and paid content
• Manager: Pin comments to top, Blind/Hide inappropriate comments, View members and paid content


  • To grant the [Manager] role:

ⓐ Click the member you want to grant the role from [CUSTOMERS > Members Accounts], then you will be directed to the details page.
ⓑ Click [Member ▼] button or [Change role] on the top right.
ⓒ Select [Manager] in the drop-down list, and click [Change].
ⓓ If [Manager] role is successfully granted, the displayed role in the list will change from [Member] to [Manager].