How do I invite an administrator?

You can invite Operator / Admin via [SETTINGS > Admin Accounts].

  • Click [Invite] and enter the email address of the person you'd like to invite as a [Admin]/[Operator].
    • "Operator" does not have access to SETTINGS menu.
    • The "Admin" account may access and manage all menus and hold dormant account lookup privileges.
      • Adding dormant member lookup rights allows you to view information about dormant members once they have been inactive on the service for one year.
    • After selecting a role and authority, click [Invite] to send an invitation email to the email you have entered.


  • Users who have accepted your invitation will see their last login date.
    • It is also possible to resend invitation emails to the email address that has not accepted invitations.
    • After selecting the account from the list, click [Resend invitation] from the pop-up window.
  • The number of admin accounts that can be invited varies by plan.
    • Essential: 2 Admin accounts / Standard: 5 Admin accounts
    • If you need more than 6 operator/admin accounts, you need to upgrade your plan, so please contact Customer Support for further assistance.