How do I add a X(Twitter) Login?

You may add a Facebook Login by clicking [+Add] in Easy Login settings at [SETTINGS > Sign-up settings] menu.


ⓐ Please sign-up on X(Twitter). When registering as a member, be sure to enter your mobile phone number or email address. (You do not have to subscribe to Basic nor Pro plan, Free Account will just fine.)

ⓑ Go to the Developer Portal and log in with your registered Twitter account.

ⓒ After logging in, click [+ Create Project] in the center.

ⓓ Please name your project. Feel free to enter your b.stage name. After entering, click [Next] at the bottom.


ⓔ Select a [Use case] from the drop-down list. Since the purpose is to activate SNS login, you may select [Doing something else]. After selecting, click [Next] at the bottom.

ⓕ Describe your new project. You may describe it such as [For SNS login], etc. After entering, click [Next] at the bottom.


ⓖ Please name your App. (Ex: If the service name is "Ganada Shop", enter "Ganada Shop")


ⓗ Since there are parts that require additional settings, please click [App settings] at the bottom of the page. You do not need to copy [API Key] and [API Key Secret] at this stage.


ⓘ Click the [Set up] button in [User authentication settings].

ⓙ Select [Type of App] as [Native App].


ⓚ In the [Callback URI / Redirect URL] field of [App info], please fill in [Main domain/account/social-login] and [Main domain/account/social-connect] provided by b.stage.

  • If you use a custom domain, please add the custom domain's URL as well.


ⓛ Please enter the main domain in the [Website URL] field.


ⓜ After completing the creation, click [Save] at the bottom.


ⓝ Click [API Key and Secret > Regenerate] in [Keys and tokens] at the bottom of the dashboard.


ⓞ Click [Yes, regenerate] on the pop-up window and copy [API Key] and [API Key Secret] by pressing the [Copy] button.


👉 b.stage connection

  • Please go to SETTINGS > Sign-up Settings > Easy Login Settings > Add > Twitter.
  • Please paste [API Key] and [API Key Secret], then click Register.
  • Once added successfully, it will be available to your fans as a login option.