Can I add Easy Login?

Yes, social media logins can be added from [SETTINGS > Sign-up Items].

  • Click [+ Add] to add your favorite SNS login (Google, Twitter, and Facebook) and digital wallet login (Metamask, Kaikas and Klip). Please refer to the following articles for each SNS login option.
  • If you want to adjust the order of linked social media logins, click [Change order].
  • When you mouse over each social media logins, the pencil icon appears, which enables you to modify the connectivity settings and exposure status.
    • If you check and save the [Hide login button] for specific social media platforms, it will be blurred with the phrase "Hidden." This setting can be changed at any time.
    • Clicking on the wastebasket icon will cause all login connections with the previously linked accounts to be disconnedted, which cannot be undone.