What information should I put in the footer?

For Footer settings, you can manage legally required information through SETTINGS > Design Settings > Footer. In addition, there are differences in what needs to be displayed in the Footer depending on the type of business and whether or not commerce is utilized.


  • • Business information is legally required information that must be exposed at the bottom of the site, so be sure to double-check it.

    • Click [Load information from Basic Settings] button and enter all required information. Be cautious when you click the button again since everything you have entered so far will be discarded.

    • Please do not fill in the information arbitrarily.

  • • Terms and Conditions may vary depending on the country where the business is located. [Terms and Conditions] and [Privacy Policy] must be exposed as a mandatory requirement in Korea.

    • Only Terms and Conditions for which Usage is ON are provided in the list.

    • You can drag and drop the ⁝⁝ icon or click the ↑↓ arrows to change the order of the Terms. If you need to add new Terms or modify the body contents of the specific Terms, please go to General Settings > Terms and Conditions.

    • For your convenience, b.stage provides templates for which legal advice was sought. Please enter additional information in the spaces such as [YOUR COMPANY NAME] and [YOUR SERVICE NAME], but a dispute may arise if you modify it without legal grounds.

    • Template: Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy

  • • You may add Additional Items which you would like to place in the footer, such as an email address for Customer Service. This can be displayed in multiple languages only when added, otherwise it will be shown in the default language.

    • You can drag and drop the ⁝⁝ icon or click the ↑↓ arrows to change the order of the Additional Items.