Am I able to set Serach Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes, it can be done through [Basic b.stage Information] in SETTINGS > Design Settings.

  • If you click [Basic b.stage Information], you can set the title of the b.stage, the description to be displayed when searching the b.stage in search engines, and the image to be displayed as a representative when sharing on SNS.


  • Enter your b.stage's name, as well as the description and image that will appear in search engines.
    • Title: This is the title exposed on the top tab of the web browser, so we recommend it is not too long.
    • Detailed Information: This is a description that is exposed in search engines or when shared on social media, hence, we recommend you to briefly write the core information.
    • OG Tag: This is the main image that is displayed when content is shared on social media. If left blank, it will be shared without an image.
      • Recommended size: 1200 x 630 pixels
      • Supported formats: JPG, PNG
      • Maximum size: 5MB