Information on collecting and using personal information

b.stage provides templates for the purpose of assisting you in publishing the basic items. These are based on the composition of the service and the scope of the provided service. Please refer to these examples and revise accordingly for your business needs and scopes.

1. Purpose of collection and use

Product purchase/payment/refund/delivery services, provision of order/transaction/delivery details inquiry services, compliance with the E-Commerce Act, etc.


2. Collected information

⬝ Digital product purchase : Buyer Information(name, email), credit card information, order/transaction details.

⬝ Physical product purchase : Buyer Information(name, email), Shipping address information (Recipient, Contact number, Address), credit card information, order/transaction details.

⬝ Join Membership : Buyer Information(name, email), credit card/token/NFT information, order/transaction details.


3. Retention period

Your personal information will be held and used during the period of service provision, and if the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, it will be destroyed without delay. However, if it is necessary to store your personal information in accordance with the provisions and internal guidelines of the relevant laws and regulations, the company can store your personal information as below, and in this case, the personal information is used only for storage purposes.

A. In the case where the customer's consent is obtained individually, the promised retention period.

B. Log record data, IP address, etc. required to provide communication fact confirmation data: 3 months (Communication Secret Protection Act)

C. Records of contract or withdrawal of subscription, etc.: 5 years (E-Commerce Act)

D. Records of payment and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years (E-Commerce Act)

E. Records of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years (E-Commerce Act)

F. To respond to inquiries related to service provision, the service usage log is preserved according to the company policy for one month after the service is terminated.


You may refuse to agree to the above, and if you refuse, product purchase and payment will be restricted.