I would like to know how to register a business in Korea.

If you are a non-citizen, there is only one way to register a business: Visiting the tax office.

Prepare documents for submission

  • To register a business, the following documents are required. 👉 Link 

ⓐ Business Registration Application Form: You can download it from HomeTax, and it is also avilable at the tax office
ⓑ A copy of the lease agreement: Only if the business is leased.

ⓒ Copy of Permit (Registration or Report): If the business is authorized.

ⓓ Copy of certificate of alien registration or Passport: If the representative is a non-resident

ⓔ Notification of establishment of a Tax Manager: If there is no employee in Korea to handle tax matters

ⓕ Partnership Agreement: In the case of a joint venture


Visit the tax office

  • Please visit the nearest tax office with the identification card (Certificate of alien registration or Passport) of the business owner (representative) and the above documents to be submitted.
  • You can register with the help of the person in charge by visiting the Civil Services Department.