Where do I manage 1:1 Inquiries that was submitted?

Managing 1:1 Inquiries can be done from [CUSTOMERS > 1:1 Inquiries].

  • 1:1 Inquiries are questions that fans could not solve after checking the FAQ, that is, questions fans submitted through 1:1 Inquiry in the FAQ.
  • Depending on the response status of the registered 1:1 inquiry, it is classified into [Submitted], [Pending] and [Answered] tab.
  • In each tab, you can check 1:1 inquiries at once.
  • You can further filter by using the filter function of the top right.
    • Email: You can enter a fan's email address to filter inquiries from that specific fan only.
    • Category: Filters can be applied based on the category that has been set in the Category Settings.
    • Person in charge: If you have a designated person in charge of handling 1:1 inquiries, you can apply a filter by person in charge.