I would like to know how to register a telemarketing business.

[Republic of Korea corporation]
You can register a telemarketing business via online.

✔️ Required documents

  • Registration Application for a telemarketing business: you can Find a form at a local administration office. (Hosting Server location is provided below. : Room 811, Building 2, Korea Science and Technology Center, 22 Tehenran-ro 7-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)
  • Business License
  • Idtentification of the business representative
  • Certification of using escrow services
    • (For corporations) certified copy of corporate registration, registered corporate seal and certification of the corporate seal
    • Escrow Services certification may be obtained at the primary bank your business is using. Please ensure to match the address on the escrow services ceritifcate and business license since it is a general requirement. If you cannot apply for the Escrow Services, then you can attach a copy of the SGI Seoul Guarantee Insurance contract instead.


  • Kookmin Bank: Seller > Seller certification mark (certification mark registration) > Seller certification mark (purchase safety service)
  • Industrial Bank of Korea: Transfer > Subscribe to service > Issuance of confirmation of safe transfer use
  • Nonghyup: Subscribe to NH escrow service > Register certification mark > Issuance of purchase safety service use confirmation
  • Post Office: Deposit > Register for Escrow Service > My Escrow > Issuance of Escrow Confirmation


  • Apply online

1. Please visit Government24 website.
2. Please click [Apply] and log in.
3. Please submit all required documents.
4. Please fill in every required fields, then click on [Apply for the request].
5. After 3 business days approximately, you can view the processing result via History > Online request received.
6. When an application is complete, an SMS informing you about your application status will be sent to the phone number you have entered. Please visit the designated location to retrieve the documentations.
7. The license registration fees are KRW 40,500 for populations of 500,000 or more, KRW 22,500 for populations of 500,000 or less and KRW 12,000 for Gun.