How can I switch my b.stage from Private to Public status?

In order to make your b.stage public, you must first complete all the required settings in the Checklist (question mark at the bottom right of admin page).
Once all required settings are completed, you can make your b.stage public via SETTINGS > Design Settings.

Required Checklist

ⓐ Design Settings

  • Logo & Favicon
    • Set logo and favicon that will appear in the top menu.
  • Theme Colors
    • Set the color and default theme(dark/light mode) that appears across the screen.


ⓑ Required Items Settings

  • Terms and Conditions
    • Customize terms to match your b.stage operations, using the default template as a guide.
  • Privacy Policy
    • Complete all required fields. (① Personal Information Processor's name ② Affiliation ③ Phone number ④ Email)
  • Business info in Footer
    • Keep business information updated. Click 'Load Basic Information' in Footer Settings.
  • Basic Information
    • Set the business information, supported languages, and time zone


ⓒ Sign up Items Settings (Select)

  • Collected Information Settings
    • Set the customer sign up information, including it in the Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement.
  • Easy Login
    • Enable social media account or wallet for users to log in.