Where can I view the reported comments?

Reported comments can be viewed and managed via CUSTOMERS > Manage reported posts.

👉 Manage reported posts

  • Users can report comments and replies left by other users. Managers can manage reports as follows:
    • For reports that have been reported but have no abnormalities in the content, the status can be changed back to [Display].
    • If you need to make the reported post private right away, you can change the status to [Hide] or [Block].


  • Blocked
    • Comments with more than 10 reports are automatically blocked.
    • Blocked comments are indicated to general users with this message: "This comment has been blocked for violating community guidelines."
  • Hide
    • Hiding a comment makes the comment and its replies invisible to general users.
    • Managers can still view the comment.


👉 Report Comments

  • Reported comments are divided into [Visible (unmoderated)], [Blocked], and [Hidden] tabs according to their status.
  • If you use the filter on the right, you can search by the email address of the user.


👉 Processing reported comments

  • If you click the content of the reported comments, you can check the details.
  • If you click on [View comments], you will be directed to the post.
  • To change the visibility status, select the status you wish to change and click [Apply].
    • Visibility can be changed at anytime.