Basic Information

Settings required to launch your b.stage.
These include website or business info, payment method, language, and more.

👉 Business Information

  • You can check and change the following information: Business name, Representative's full name, Business registration number, Business Address and ZIP code. (This information was entered during the b.stage creation.)

✔ Social Links Settings

  • Display any desired links alongside social services.
    • Please press the [Add URL (up to 20)] button to select the services you want to provide links for.
    • You can also edit the name of each link.
    • The added links can be displayed on the main page of the service.


👉 Service Languages

  • Select the language for your customers. Default language will be displayed for non-service language countries’ access.
  • When adding service languages, update them in the following items as well: Terms and Conditions, Consented Items, Business Information in Footer.
  • Remove a Language
    • When you remove a language, it’s no longer available in the service.
    • This won’t delete your previous content, so it may reappear when re-enabled. Apply content after deleting sensitive data like legal and regulatory terms.
    • Please allow some time for changes to apply.


👉 Timezone

  • Analyzed data will be generated based on the selected period