Terms and conditions

You can add or edit items that require users' agreement.
These include the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and more.


👉 Managing Terms and Conditions

  • You will be able to display policies, terms, and conditions in the footer area of your b.stage.
  • Once you have added the terms and conditions, you can modify them from SETTINGS > Design Settings > Footer > Terms.
  • Please fill out terms and conditions that must be displayed according to Electronic Commerce Act.
  • b.stage provides the basic templates to assist you in writing the basic items. These are based on the composition of the service and the scope of the provided service. Please refer to these examples and revise accordingly for your business needs and scopes.
  • Terms and conditions and Usage Agreement are fixed as "Required for sign up." Since they are mandated by law, any title revision is not possible.

👉 Add New Term / Condition

  • Please enter the title of your term or condition.
  • Provided as consent item when creating an account: Set the items as "Consent Required or Optional" when your fans sign up.
  • Use the body content: Set whether to use the body content. The term or condition could not be provided to the Footer if the body content is not used.
  • Version name: We recommend you utilize "the date" for the version names as it allows you to manage the latest version along with the old ones easily.
  • Please enter the Content. You can customize this by language. If you leave the Content section for other languages blank, it will only be displayed in the default language.
  • Visibility settings: Allows you to choose from Private / Publish now / Set time to publish.
    • When [Private] is selected, the applicable term or condition will not be visible in the service. If the time is scheduled for publishing, you must select a specific date and time, and the corresponding term or condition will be visible at that exact time.
  • When all settings are completed, click [Post] at the bottom right.

👉 Revising existing Terms / Conditions

  • If you would like to add a new version of the Terms and Conditions, please click [Add version].
  • If more than two versions have been made public, they will appear in the form of a drop-down list within the service.
  • Documents are arranged in descending order based on version name. Entries with the same name are listed according to the date and time they were last modified.
  • You can click on the [Title] of the terms and conditions you would like to revise the content or version name.

If you revise the Terms and Conditions, it's recommended that you notify users at least seven (7) days prior to the date the changes will take effect and clearly mention the effective date, revised items, reasons for revisions, etc.