Sign-up Items

Choose your members' sign-up and login methods.
You can allow members to sign in using their social media accounts and designate the information to collect.


👉 Easy Login Settings

  • These settings allow customers to log in easily using their social media account or digital wallet.
  • Click [+ Add] to add your favorite SNS login (Google, Twitter, and Facebook) and digital wallet login (Metamask, Kaikas and Klip).
  • If you want to adjust the order of linked social media logins, click [Change Order].
  • When you mouse over each social media logins, the pencil icon appears, which enables you to modify the connection settings and exposure status.
  • If you check and save the [Hide login button] for specific social media platforms, it will be blurred with the phrase "Hidden." This setting can be changed at any time.
  • Clicking on the wastebasket icon will cause all login connections with the previously linked accounts to be disconnected, which cannot be undone.


✔️ Collected Information

  • Choose the information you will collect from users when they create an account. This should be made clear in the Privacy Policy.
  • The following items can be chosen as required or optional: Name, Phone number, Birthday (Year of birth/Year of birth + month/Year of birth + month + day), and Gender.
  • It will be displayed on users' screens in the following order: default required items > required > selected. If you would like to adjust the order of collected information, click [Change Order].
  • You can also edit or delete each item by clicking on the pencil/wastebasket icon that appears when mousing over.

✔️ Consented Items

  • You can set items that users must agree to when signing up.
  • [Terms of Service] and [Privacy Policy] are mandatory items that require users' consent according to Information and Communication Network Act, Article 22, Paragraph 1.
  • Age Verification: You can set the minimum age for Korean and international users by clicking the pencil icon that appears when you mouse over.
  • You may click on [Configure more settings] to add new terms and conditions or set the item as "Consent Required"/"Optional" when your fans sign up.