Shop Settings (SHOP Set Up)

Open a SHOP to start monetizing your content. Before setting up your shop, please make sure you've prepared everything you need, including your PG contract!


👉 Set Up SHOP

  • After the creation of a contract with a PG company, please click [Set Up Shop] button.
  • Only the "Head Admin" account is allowed to proceed to [Set Up Shop].

ⓐ SHOP name

  • You will need to name your SHOP before adjusting shop settings. The SHOP name can be changed later.
  • It is possible to add multiple languages, and it will be displayed in the default language when not added.

ⓑ Currency

  • Set the standard currency and supported currency. Once SHOP is created, currency cannot be changed or deleted.
  • If you change the currency before SHOP is created, the previous information (payment method/exchange rate/points) will be reset.
    • Standard Currency: Standard currency is the currency defines which prices are entered and exchange rates.

    • Supported Currency: Choose customer support currency. (Standard currency is mandatory.) The following currencies are available in the current b.stage, select the one you prefer: JPY, KRW and USD.

  • Once SHOP has been created, standard and support currencies can’t be changed, so choose carefully.


ⓒ Payment Method

  • Please fill out the required fields after selecting your contracted PG company.
  • Once SHOP is created, payment methods can’t be deleted but can only be hidden. Choose carefully.

  • Please [Select] and add a PG company that supports the chosen Standard Currency and Supported Currency.
    • Ensure PG contract business name matches actual business name. Different business names may lead to potential PG service suspension without prior notice.
      • Digital Products: Vouchers, sponsorships, memberships, etc.
      • Physical Product
        • Stripe, Toss Payments, PayPal, Eximbay

  • Please select your standard currency
  • To sell all types of products, select the payment method for each.
  • If selected PG doesn’t offer all of the supported currencies, customer using those currencies won’t be able to purchase the product.
  • One-time payment
    • Personal Voucher, Limited-time Voucher, Fixed-Period Ticket, Fixed-Date Ticket, Fixed-Time Ticket, POP Limited-Time Voucher, General Sponsorship, Seasonal Membership
  • Recurring payment
    • Subscription Voucher, POP Subscription Voucher, Recurring Sponsorship, General Membership
  • Payment Method Name (Required): This is the name that will appear when a customer selects a payment method. Ex) Credit Card. It is possible to add multiple languages, and it will be displayed in the default language when not added.
  • Notices: Please enter any details your customers should be mindful of when making payments. You must provide the default language (English) in order to save it
  • Payment Currency Settings (Required): Please select only the currencies you have contracts for. Currencies cannot be changed once the SHOP is open.
    • Eximbay: When using JPY currency to one-time payments, you can pay at Japanese convenience stores. However, convenience store payments require a separate review after signing a PG contract. (For convenience store payments, enter the product name in English or Japanese for user reference during deposits; note it cannot be used for on-site pickup products)
  • Stripe
    • Only businesses outside of Korea are eligible to enter into contracts. Please click on this article to review the English onboarding guide.
  • Toss Payments
    • MID/Client Key/Secret Key: Please enter MID/Client Key/Secret Key you received from Toss Payments.
    • Enter a separate MID for each payment type. Avoid using the same MID for different payment methods.
    • Incorrect MID/Client Key/Secret Key registration may affect settlement, so please double check.
  • PayPal
    • Business ID: Please complete payment login verification. For more information, please refer to this article.
  • Eximbay
    • MID/Secret Key: Please enter MID/secret key you received after the Eximbay review
    • Failing to register using the correct MID/secret key can cause issues with settlements. Please double-check.


  • If all payment methods have been registered, read and consent to the items below to move on to the next step.


ⓓ Exchange Rate

  • You can set the exchange rate for the Supported Currency based on the selected Standard Currency.
  • Set Exchange Rate
    • We currently support only manual exchange rates. Please enter the rates manually.

  • Exchange Rate Settings
    • Supported currencies and units for each are as follows (applied evenly to all products):
      • KRW (₩): Displayed in whole numbers (rounded up from the tenths place)
      • JPY (¥) = represent up to 1 unit (rounded to 1 decimal place)
      • USD ($): Displayed up to the hundredths place (rounded up from the thousandths place)


ⓔ Points

  • Please think carefully about whether you would like your SHOP to use points or not. Settings cannot be changed after your SHOP has opened.
  • The value of points and the base currency is as follows: For example, 1P = 10KRW, 1P = 0.01USD, and you can use them in 1P increments.
  • Points Name: This is how customers will refer to your points (ex: b.points). It is possible to add multiple languages, and it will be displayed in the default language when not added.
  • Point units: Please enter only 1 letter (ex: you can earn 100P b.points)
  • Basic Earnings Rate Settings: This rate is applied by default each time a product is purchased. (You can enter any number from 0.1 - 99.9%, up to the tenths place.). You can also enter a separate rate for each product, in addition to the basic earnings rate.
    • Points earned below 1P will be rounded down
    • Earned points that are less than or equal to the decimal point will be discarded
  • Points Expiration Settings: Earning period is calculated starting from the date points are accumulated. This setting cannot be changed once your SHOP is open, so please choose carefully.


ⓕ Consent Items

  • These are the terms and conditions for items that require members' consent for collection when processing a payment.
  • This document will be generated based on the business and service names you have entered. To complete setup, please confirm the details and check the box at the bottom.


ⓖ Request a review

  • Once your SHOP is open, you won't be able to adjust certain settings (Short-term and Recurring payment currency & Points Expiration period), so please check everything carefully and request a review.
  • b.stage admins are available to help with any issues you may have with your shop settings.

👉 Sponsorships

  • Sponsorships can be received through the Star Story feed or content details page. Choose whether you would like to allow sponsorships and enter your sponsorship's information.
  • To use the sponsorship function, change the status to [Use] in Sponsorship Settings. View where the sponsorship button is displayed on the sample screen to the left and decide whether or not you'd like to use it.


✔ Basic Sponsorships Settings

  • Create a greeting to show customers who want to sponsor you
  • Sponsorship Profile: Upload a profile image that represents your b.stage and display a sponsorship greeting.
    • Recommended size: 400x400 pixels (1:1 ratio)
    • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF
    • Up to 5MB in size
  • Sponsorship Greeting: We recommend that you write a message for sponsors to show your gratitude.
  • Sponsorship Button Name: Customers usually decide to sponsor through the text written on the button. We recommend writing something nice for them in a soft manner.
    *Button name may get cut off depending on the device. Please be sure to write out the name so it appears in this area.

👉 Memberships

  • You can provide your consumers with membership-exclusive content / Star Stories, exclusive products (coming soon), and more.
  • Membership benefits available to subscribers
    • Exclusive content: You can make any or all content, including videos, posts, and surveys, available exclusively to members with subscriptions.
    • Exclusive Star Stories: You can make Star account posts and surveys visible only to members with subscriptions.
    • Exclusive Products for Members: You can restrict specific products to members with subscriptions
  • We are working hard to provide you with a wider range of benefits 😊


✔️ Membership options

  • b.stage supports two membership options
    • General membership: Members can join at any time. Customers maintain their membership status for a set period of time after joining, and can extend it by making recurring monthly payments.
    • Seasonal membership: Members can only join for a limited amount of time. If you want to vary benefits by the time of the year, a seasonal membership could be the answer. (Ex: 1st round to 2nd round, 2021 to 2022).
  • Once a membership has launched, after completing registration via the PRODUCTS > Membership menu, the membership icon menu will appear in the top right corner.
    • Membership icon menu can be temporarily hidden.
    • It may take up to a minute for settings to be applied.

👉 Payment methods

  • Choose the currency you want to support and add or delete payment methods. To add a new payment method, you must first create a contract with the provider.
  • When adding a new PG or clicking on an existing PG, you can configure the visibility settings. Turning off the visibility temporarily blocks payments, and you can set specific target groups for granting purchase permissions. Click [Select group] to choose the group to grant purchase permissions to. In the case of In-App Purchases, however, it does not support setting specific group permissions for granting purchase authorization.