Shop Settings (Card company review)

After contracting with the PG company is completed, please proceed with the card company review as a final step!
Only Eximbay conducts the card company review, PAYPAL is not required.

👉 Card company review process

  • Once the agreement has been settled with the PG company, you need to undergo reviews by each card issuer that you will use. Card issuer reviews are performed through PG company.
  • Please contact the PG company when your b.stage is ready to be reviewed by the card company.
  • Credit card review usually takes 14 business days, up to 3 weeks.

✔️ Preparation for card company review

  • Please change the SHOP to public status via MY B.STAGE > Shop Home.
  • Please also change the sponsorship to be [Don't use] via SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Sponsorships.
  • Please check whether the [Consented Items] in SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Consented Items is the same as the operating policy.


Intangible Goods - Digital Voucher

  • For Intangible Goods, please register the Digital Voucher via [PRODUCTS > Digital Vouchers / Tickets].
  • Please register one each of the [Subscription Voucher] and [Limited-time Voucher].
  • All details must be entered based on the actual sales information. Be accurate when you fill in all required details, including price, detailed description, cancellation and refund policies, etc.
  • The Voucher Name should be as follows: Subscription Voucher [Recurring Payment Voucher] & Limited-time Voucher such as [1-month Limited-time Voucher].


Intangible Goods - Paid Content

  • Please register 5 Paid Contents via CONTENTS > Posts / Videos / Story.
  • The Paid Content has to be connected to a digital voucher which you have registered above by clicking [Please connect a membership / digital voucher] in the upper right corner.
  • The visibility has to be [Publish now].
  • Please specify [Paid] at the beginning of the title, and it is recommended that the content be written as a behind-the-scenes cut (video or photo) or behind-the-scenes story.
  • All details must be entered the same as actual paid contents that you will register later.


Physical Products

  • Please register 2 Physical Products via PRODUCTS > Physical Products.
  • The visibility has to be [Publish now].
  • All details must be entered the same as actual physical product that you will register later.


  • The following information has to be shown at the bottom of the main page: Business Information, Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy.
    • The refund policy has to be included in the [Terms and Conditions] and [Privacy Policy]. This can be done via SETTINGS > Terms and Conditions.
    • Business name, Representative name, Business license number, Address, Email, Phone of Customer Service are required to be shown in the Footer. This information can be added via SETTINGS > Design Settings > Footer > Business Information.


✔️ Make public

  • Please make the b.stage public for card company review. This can be done via SETTINGS > Design Settings > Make public.


✔️ Request card company review

  • If all the above settings are completed, contact the PG company and request the card company review process.
  • When requesting card company review, please create a test account on your b.stage and share it to the PG company.
  • For further inquiries, please contact Eximbay Customer Center.
    • When consulting, please be sure to mention that you are a member of b.stage.