Admin Accounts

You can invite and manage operators and admins accounts of your b.stage.

👉 Invite Admin

  • Click [Invite] and enter the email address of the person you'd like to invite as a [Admin]/[Operator].
    • Once you invite an account as onsite operator, it cannot be changed to other permissions/roles, and operator and admin have onsite operation permission as default. (In actual operation, assign devices to individual onsite operators and use different accounts for each device.)
      • For onsite operators, access is limited to the "Manage Site" page only.
    • "Operator" does not have access to SETTINGS menu.
    • The "Admin" account may access and manage all menus and hold dormant account lookup privileges.
      • Adding dormant member lookup rights allows you to view information about dormant members once they have been inactive on the service for one year.
    • After selecting a role and authority, click [Invite] to send an invitation email to the email you have entered.


  • Users who have accepted your invitation will see their last login date.
    • It is also possible to resend invitation emails to the email address that has not accepted invitations.
    • After selecting the account from the list, click [Resend invitation] from the pop-up window.
  • The number of admin accounts that can be invited varies by plan.
    • Essential: 2 Admin accounts / Standard: 5 Admin accounts
    • If you need more than 6 operator/admin accounts, you need to upgrade your plan, so please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

👉 Make Head Admin

  • Head Admin can delegate an Admin or Operator who has accepted the invitation as the Head Admin. "Admin" and "Operator" cannot delegate on the other hand.
  • There is only one account for the Head Admin. When delegating another account as the Head Admin, the previous Head Admin is no longer has the authorities and rights.

0605 EDM-IP접속제한(EN).png

Block long-term inactive users
• Manage admin accounts who have not been on b.stage for 30 days.
• When blocking is enabled, admins who have been inactive for more than 30 days will also be banned. (this will take time to take effect.)
• Blocked admin accounts lose permissions. Invite them back as admins for access.

Set IP access restrictions
• You can manually register IP addresses to allow access to b.stage only from those specific IPs. You can register up to a maximum of 10 IP addresses.
• Please register your current access IP.
• If you have a shared IP, it may be difficult to access even after registering, so make sure you have a static IP.
• Private IP can't be registered.

👉 Remove Admin

  • Head Admin can remove any "Admin" or "Operator" who has accepted the invitation at any time.
  • After selecting the specific admin to be removed, click the [Remove admin] button.
  • The account will no longer be having admin access. You can grant them access again later if you wish.