Audit log

Admins have access to and can manage all menus, and they can be granted permissions for privacy management. By adding privacy management permissions, admins can view the authority change history, privacy access history, and information of dormant members.

SETTINGS > Audit log

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  • This menu is only visible to the Head Admin and individuals with privacy management permissions.
  • First, please select [Authority change history] or [Privacy access history].
  • Then, set the search period.
    • You can choose from [All], [Today], [1 Week], [1 Month], [3 Months], or [Add Manually].


  • After setting the range, click the [Search] button.
    • For [Authority change history], you can view the [Performing account], [Change record], [Target account], [Change date], and [Processing result].
    • For [Privacy access history], you can view the [Performing account/IP], [Category], [Access page], [Target account], and [Access date].


  • The types displayed in the [Authority change history] are as follows:
    • Delegation of Head Admin, Admin Invitation, Removal of Admin, Removal of Admin (Before accepting the invitation), Resend Invitation Email, Permission/Role Change, Permission/Role Change (Before accepting the invitation)
  • The types displayed in the [Privacy access history] are as follows:
    • For Admin accounts: Account lookup, Change role/authority, Download as Excel File, Removal of Admin
    • For Member accounts: Account lookup, Change role/authority, Block account, Unblock account, Delete account, Information modification

• You can download the search results using [Excel Download].
• Excel password protection can help you keep your personal information more secure. The password you enter will be required when you run the Excel file. There are no restrictions on password length or input characters.